Not a "fun" calendar

I haven’t figured out a “title” for this one, yet.

I’m feeling that my life is ruled by my calendar. In my younger days, entries on the calendar usually indicated fun stuff. Not anymore… Nowadays, I plan around doctors’ appointments.

Today I saw the dermatologist. His office is 45 minutes from us via the interstate. I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the middle of my forehead in June, 2006, so now I have yearly skin checks. Today, he removed a mole.

Next Friday is my annual mammogram. That one is getting back on a schedule. Due to having a cyst removed last year, for awhile there I was doing one at a time – not fun.

The week after, I see the endocrinologist. That means I have to get my “numbers” on paper for him to look at. Which really isn’t that hard, just takes time. I have an Accu-Chek meter. I called one night to order their software. It wasn’t cheap but I had decided it would be easier than entering everything myself. Well they not only gave me the software and the cord, they also gave me a second meter to keep at work. They also recently sent me a battery for one of the meters at no charge. I’d been to every store in our small town and could not find one, so they sent one. I’ve since found the battery and have two in reserve.

That same afternoon, I have a “care meeting” at the nursing home with my dad.

The 4th week, I have a week off from appointments and the last week of January I will see my PCP and the dentist.

Meanwhile, the ENT called today and they want me to have another MRI to check on the mastoiditis as I still have tinnitus in the one ear (which by the way is extremely annoying but I’m still happy it wasn’t a tumor).

In February I have one more – an appointment with the podiatrist to remove part of an ingrown toenail. I did this right after I was diagnosed w/ diabetes and wished I’d done it sooner. The other one (big toe) is bothering me so, time for it to go.

Reading this, I sound pretty sickly but certainly don’t feel that way.

If you haven’t seen Sandra’s (A Shot In the Dark) video yet of the back yard sledding at her house, you should! It will make you smile, especially the part at the end with Sandra. Go to “belated post.” It’s great!

I’m going to use Amylia’s line from now on at the end of each post.

There is no cure for diabetes.

PS – need to make an appointment w/ the eye doctor.

6 thoughts on “Not a "fun" calendar

  1. I know what you mean, Colleen. It seems all of my appointments come at the same time. There are so many any more – General Practitioner, Endo, Gynocologist, Dentist, Opthalmologist, Neurologist, Labs, Mammograms, etc – the list never seems to end. It seems like I should be healthier than I am when I get done seeing all these people. LOL! Ahhh, if it only worked that way….

  2. There’s no end to it, is there Colleen? It’s a wonder we all don’t have to see a specialist to treat our spinning heads.

  3. Colleen, Thanks for stopping by, I’ve added you to my links. I unfortunately agree with Jeff; there’s no end! Keep your head up.

  4. Sometimes it does seem to go like that. For instance, the year we moved here to Utah, I was in the emergency room twice the day we moved in, the 2nd time to stay several days. Then two surgeries plus all the “good” stuff like colonoscopy the following year. I seemed to be at the doctor’s every two or three days. Now I only go every two to three months to my reumatologist and that’s about all. Sometimes things do settle down. Good luck with all of your travails.

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