The telephone has not rung since I arrived home from work! Yay!!!

Unless you live in NH, you have no idea just how annoying it has been. Before my dad went into the nursing home, I would have just shut off the phones but feel like I can’t do that now. I guess we’ll go back to regular TV commercials now, also. And, we’ll have a lot less mail each day. The NH Primary is today and is now over in our town. I did go vote this afternoon. Voting in our small town is fun. No fancy electric voting machines. We go into a small, curtained booth with our ballot and fill in the circle using a felt tip pen. My husband works at the polls along with lots of other people that we know. Our retired plumber was working at the polls also, so I got a big hug and “How are you?” Voting took less than five minutes. According to the news, they’re expecting a record turn out. Some of the polling places have come close to running out of ballots. The state either sends more or, they can make copies, legally. The weather has helped, it’s gorgeous today.

But, the ringing in my ear has not stopped. I think my hearing has improved since taking the antibiotic for the mastoiditis but the ENT wants me to have another hearing test and then mentioned doing another MRI to check on the infection.

The BG numbers continue to look pretty good since changing meds in November. There’s still room for improvement so I’m looking forward to the Endo appointment this month.

Meanwhile… my dad took lots and lots of pictures from the late 40’s onward. Most of them are slides – all of them in the Kodak Carousel viewers. There are over 100 in each and he has boxes and boxes of them. As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve started scanning the slides and putting them on CDs. There are two reasons for this – one, to show them to my dad at the nursing home and two, to keep copies for myself and my brothers and sister. And now, for giggles, a photo from 1974. My family was returning to the US from the Panama Canal Zone. Dad was retiring after 30 years in the Army.

7 thoughts on “Ringing

  1. Hi Colleen. I heard there was a big turnout up there today. Hope you were able to enjoy some of the decent weather. That photo looks great. Both my Dad and I have many boxes of old Kodachrome slides from years and years ago that I would love to copy onto disks. How are you scanning them with such fine results?

  2. Thanks, Colleen.BTW, is that a Plymouth Duster behind you in the photo? My brother had one (a ’73) in that same color.

  3. Oh Donna, thanks – you may be very sorry!Jeff – yup, it’s a Duster, I think it was a ’72 – my first car. My monthly payments were around $97. Ahh, the good ole days.

  4. WOW!! What a great photo. Sorry I’m latet ot he party.My mom had a Duster when we were kids and she couldn’t afford anything else. It was in great condition except it rusted a hole in it so I remember I could put my hand down and see the street beneath us.Ah, the memories. šŸ™‚

  5. I was wondering about your last week, wondering if all those candidates were bugging you much. Those photos are really good, and I was wondering like Jeff up there, how do you scan them and have them turn out so well? I’ve got loads of slides I’d like to salvage. Any advice?

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