Sussy Circle!

I’ve finished my Sussy Circle shopping! Had a great time – read the recipient’s blog from the beginning and then lucked out with the weather as I was actually able to get out and shop. Will box up the stuff tonight and hit the post office tomorrow.

More tests – the ENT wants a CT scan of my head, to do a recheck on the Mastoiditis. That’s on Thursday and I decided to take the day off from work.
Meanwhile, the mammogram report was good – no problems – yay! I freaked as the tech came back after the scan and needed to do more, usually not a good sign but this time, ok.
Lab work – I have sheets and sheets of lab orders to get done before I see my PCP next week. I don’t mind the blood work itself, but the fasting drives me nuts – and it’s mostly just the lack of coffee in the morning. The lab in our small town opens at 7:30 AM and there are usually a few of us there before that, waiting for the lab tech to arrive. Everyone is very polite and you end up getting your number according to when you arrived in the parking lot. It’s not bad when it’s warm but it’s pretty cold here this week. Oh well.
As some of you know, my dad now lives in a nursing home. He built a home on a nearby lake back in the 70’s and we now rent it during the summer. Today I heard from the realtor and it’s already rented for 10 weeks this summer which is great. The rental income will pay the property taxes (over 15,000 this year…) and it lets us get dad over there when it’s not rented so he can sit on his deck and enjoy the view. The photo below was taken sometime in the 70’s when he and my mom were living there.

7 thoughts on “Sussy Circle!

  1. I need to get to work on my Sussy!!! My person doesn’t have a blog so my gift hints are all I have to work from. Good luck with your CT. The house looks beautiful, I’m glad your father has the chance to enjoy it.

  2. Ooo… beautiful picture. Looks like something out of a fairytale.Glad the mammogram was ok, and I hope the rest of your tests go well.

  3. Thanks! Yes, it’s truly awesome when we get my dad back to his own house. He loves sitting on the deck!Keep your fingers crossed that the CT shows some improvement.

  4. I had fun sussy shopping too! My person has a blog and a flickr account so I was able to do a lot of research. I hope it pays off!

  5. Colleen,I hope your CT results are good. I’ll keep you in my prayers.That pictures is beautiful. Caro’s right; it looks like something out of a fairy tail. How cool!Oh, I had so much fun shopping for my Sussy Circle person! It’s ready to send in the morning. This was a nice idea.I’m glad your mammogram turned out okay. I’ve had them come back & do more, too. I hate that. It just freaks a person out! But so far, so good. Glad yours was good, too.

  6. Sussy shopping is super fun 🙂 I did mine a couple of days ago but I still haven’t shipped…I’m glad your mamogram came back good… that’s a scary thing to have your doctor check up on! beautiful, beautiful photo.

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