The ISP connection – not

Our ISP is the local cable company. We don’t use them for TV as we have DirecTV.

Today at work the ISP connection was slow, slow, slow but I didn’t have time to investigate. (Scary thing – I am the computer expert at our small office.) Got home and was ready to enjoy some time catching up on emails and blogs. Same cable company was even slower, and then dead. Did the disconnect-reconnect thing – no luck. Did it a few more times and then called the company. After punching in the numbers to get to tech support, the recording said there were 29 in the wait line and my estimated wait was 1 hour. I don’t think so… Called again but went to sales as I find that amusingly, there are more than enough people there to answer calls. Even that took some time – meanwhile I seethed while listening to their recording that told me how they were the best due to their great tech support and didn’t I want to order phone service from them. Finally got someone who didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but did say that they were having “internet problems.” Oh well, it’s the only game in town and it’s frustrating.

I’m getting this message from Blogger as I write away here. – Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail.

I see my PCP, an ARNP, this week. I did the lab work last Friday. I really hate “fasting” lab work. I normally wake up early, and sitting around with sips of water waiting until the lab opens is the pits. But – yay! – slept later and was able to brush my teeth, throw on some clothes and a hat and drove over. I was home by 8 AM, so not bad.

My brother and I went to the nursing home and watched a Dean Martin DVD with dad. I had read where people wrote that the DVDs were not that great, poorly done, etc… I have to agree. And, it (the DVD) can’t be paused! When the nurse came in to check dad, we couldn’t pause the stupid thing. We made it through about 30 minutes before dad said maybe we could watch more on another day.

I’m still scanning old slides. It takes forever but dad enjoys them more than Dean Martin. The box I’m working on now is from the late 40’s early 50’s. It starts with photos of dad at Ft. Sill (Oklahoma) where he was stationed after the war (1946). There are some beautiful pics of my mom and even photos of me as an infant. I grew up looking at these slides but it’s still fun to see them now. Regrettably – many of them are showing signs of their age (just like me!). So it’s good that I’m doing this now. (Sure wish we could pop ourselves into Adobe and brighten and sharpen.)

I’d love to post a pic of dad, standing in his uniform holding a beer bottle but – Blogger is unavailable right now. We apologize for this interruption in service. (Maybe they’re in cahoots with my ISP??!!) I’ll try later. (Finally!! – got it posted!!)

By the way, I am so impressed by the Diabetes OC members who are doing the WW thing! It’s so hard to lose weight and your posts are very inspiring. I’m sure you are helping others without even knowing about them. Nice job!

3 thoughts on “The ISP connection – not

  1. That’s too bad about the DVDs & not being able to pause them. How irritating! But I’m glad your dad likes the slides. Seeing them probably helps remember things & keeps his mind sharp. I’m enjoying them, too. Maybe they’ll keep my mind sharp, too. LOL!

  2. Your dad is quite handsome! He’s very blessed to have such a caring daughter to watch over him, though it must be so hard for you. I loved what you said — “Sure wish we could pop ourselves into Adobe and brighten and sharpen”. Isn’t that the truth!

  3. Hello, my dear…Just dropping in to say hello! I’m sorry about your ISP issues… Ugh.But I’m glad you’ve found something that your dad really enjoys. I’ve found that counts for a lot.Anyway – sorry it’s been so long. Things here are busy, busy, busy…Talk soon.xo, Nicole

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