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Cue Twilight Zone music… My Sussy recipient wrote today – I had included some stuff (NH candy, pretty bad sending candy to a diabetic, huh??!!) from NH and it turns out she visited NH regularly as a child when her grandparents lived here. So she loved getting NH stuff.

Internet is working – yay! I had to reset the router at work this morning. Had several staff members looking at me and saying, “I can’t get my email.” I informed them that I’m the parish secretary and not paid to be the IT person. And then fixed it. A parishioner who overheard the whole thing said to me, “You do realize that they have no idea what an IT person is?”

I visited a friend in the hospital this afternoon. She’s probably not going to live much longer. I’m not ready for my friends to die. I’m too young for this to start already. I know that it happens but I’ve been fortunate and not had to deal with it too much, yet. I work at a church and so death is part of what I deal with, but it’s still difficult.

Stopped to visit w/ my dad this evening. He’s still having catheter problems and wants to discuss it. It’s not easy to sit there and discuss those types of issues with your own father, but I do. He needs to talk and so I listen. He’s worried and he needs someone to tell him that it’s going to be ok.

Diabetes – well, I don’t have time to think about it right now. I’m not on insulin so it (the diabetes) doesn’t take over every moment. Don’t get me wrong, I test – I eat properly (although I would have killed for chocolate last night but we don’t have any in the house). I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. We keep saying we’re going to do that but haven’t. Maybe next week…

Thanks for the comments about my dad – I really enjoy them and wish I could share them with him. I do let him know that friends have seen some of his photos and enjoyed them. But he doesn’t know about my diabetes (one more thing he’d worry about) and so he certainly doesn’t know about the blog – plus he wouldn’t have a clue what a blog is anyway. But your comments about him make me smile and bring me joy. So, thank you!

Meanwhile – another photo from the past. My dad’s parents both immigrated from Ireland (Kinsale), and married in Boston. They had seven children, one of whom became a BG in the US Army (my dad). The photo is me, with them – a long, long time ago.

4 thoughts on “NH Sussy

  1. Colleen,I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I will pray for you both during this tough time.I hope your dad’s situation improves. That has to be tough on both of you.Thanks for sharing these photos. This one is so sweet – baby Colleen with Grandma & Grandpa. That’s so cute.

  2. What a lovely photo, Colleen. Look at how your grandparents are so enamored with you—they are just so smitten and you are showered in light, love and heaps of attention!

  3. dearest colleen,i love seeing all of your old pictures and hearing about your dad. my husband has been taking care of his father for the last 6 months (he refuses to go into any kind of home or assisted living). reading your blog, helps me to understand what my husband is going through.

  4. Hi Colleen — I’ll add a prayer for your friend tonight. When I looked up my Uncle Ben’s obituary online a couple of weeks ago, I found another one (from that very same day) for a girl who was in my class in grade school. She was 48. I know what you mean. I’m not ready for it, either.

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