Down One

Saw my PCP today and all is pretty good. The A1C has dropped one whole point since October. It’s still not great but at least it’s moving in the right direction, finally. It is 7.3. Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglyceride are great. To celebrate I bought myself a small pack of M&M’s on the way home. It’s been a long, long time since I indulged in candy.

One new thing showed up in the blood work, I am borderline deficient in Vitamin D. I’ll take a Vitamin D prescription for 2 months and then do a retest. I’ve been Googling Vitamin D deficiency and learning a lot. One factor is living up here in sunny (not much right now) New Hampshire. Another is my sun screened skin. I hardly ever spend time in the sun without sun screen and a hat. I’ve already had one basal cell removed from my forehead, probably as a result of those college years spent burning myself to a crisp. Another cause is my age; apparently as one gets older, your skin is less able to absorb the Vitamin D. So I will add one more pill to my pile – although this one is just once a week.

Before my diabetes diagnosis, I took one pill each day – synthroid – and I’ve been on that since I was 18. After the diagnosis, the body just wasn’t doing it and the pills piled up. I bought a pill thing. It distressed me (vanity…) but it was easier than standing at the kitchen counter each morning opening the damn child proof caps. I now own 3 pill things. One for the morning dose, one for the w/ breakfast dose and the third for the evening dose. Each Saturday I get my basket of drugs and throw them into the proper pill things. Such fun!

More snow, ice, sleet forecast for tomorrow – guess I won’t be sitting in the sunshine.

PS – my friend in the hospital is actually doing somewhat better – thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

6 thoughts on “Down One

  1. Yes, I have a pill thing also – I just call if my tackle box.I know that Molly over at Dam Diabetes also recently was told she had a vitamin D deficiency.I think I’ll ask my doc next time.Do you have osteoporosis? Now I’m wondering if the lack of vitamin D lessens calcium absorption, because the two are related.

  2. I have osteopenea – the beginnings of osteoporosis. I take Fosamax, once a week. And yes, I believe they’re related. This getting old stuff is for the birds!

  3. No don’t like getting old one freakin’ bit. And it seems like it all just happened at once – overnight.Here I was tonight, double wrapped in so many layers I could hardly move (old people get cold faster), pulling my backpack on wheels (it’s tiring to carry shopping packages) and inching over the ice in tiny steps (no I don’t want to fall and have another busted ankle.) Then a 30 something co-worker said she was upset because her hands looked old. I held my hand next to hers and whoa, mine looked way old – with old dry chicken skin hanging on them (well, maybe part of it is the harsh winter we’ve been having.)Stay the course, sister.Have a good weekend!

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