Fragrant Sussy?

Sussy Thank You!?
A lovely, blue “Seabreeze” scented candle showed up in the mail this afternoon. I don’t have a clue who sent it… I use candles all the time in the winter. With our oil, baseboard heat, it’s not like the air in the house gets recirculated. I open doors/ windows whenever it’s possible but it’s been too cold recently. I have a guess as to who my Sussy came from – but will wait and hope that I hear from HIM or HER…

The clean up of the ice today was not fun. Not that I did anything about it. Oh, wait, I did call our plow guy, while I watched M try to scrape the stuff off our driveway. Even the plow couldn’t do too much until the sun came out for awhile. The deck, which M shovelled, is still covered with broken pieces of ice that fell from the trees all afternoon. We have several branches that are on the ground.

We are going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow and my assignment is dessert. I made ginger snaps this morning and they are really, really good. It’s a recipe I haven’t used in years, but used a lot when the kids were young as it makes about 4-5 dozen. I think they taste even better now as I don’t eat cookies that often any longer. Yup, we’re rooting for the Patriots!

And for fun – read about the Chocolate Hotel Room.

And – the candle’s been lit for awhile and my computer room/porch smells delightful. The candle company has a website. The scent is not over powering so I could end up ordering more! So, thank you again to my unknown Sussy person!

8 thoughts on “Fragrant Sussy?

  1. Wow! A secret sussy! How intriguing! I love candles. With so many dogs in the house, they really help.Sorry to hear about all the trouble all the ice has caused. But it sure it pretty.

  2. Hi Colleen. That picture is just so beautiful. Is that a lake in the background off to the right? Enjoy the party tomorrow. Go Pats.

  3. What a beautiful photo! WOW WOW WOW WOW! A secret sussy? Hmm…if you don’t know who your sussy is after a bit, let me know and I’ll reveal it!

  4. Donna – Yup, beautiful ice. I didn’t have to go anywhere yesterday so it wasn’t too bad.Jeff – It’s Lake Winnipesaukee.Amylia – I’ll email you if I don’t hear from the secret sussy giver.

  5. I never receive random things in the mail from people I don’t know. That’s pretty cool!I just read the comment you posted on my “Things to Consider When Joining a Gym” post on BlogHer — about how you’re a new member and it was the first post you read. I’m flattered, and just wanted to tell you so! 🙂

  6. ’twas me. Chris is a long-time online friend of mine (as in before my d), so I was glad he could help me out in a pinch. I wish I could have provided more, but life got busy right after sussy assignments went out.

  7. Dear Rachel!The candle is perfect! I live up here in Yankee Candle Land but really like candles that aren’t too, too scented. Even walking into the house this afternoon after work, the scent was still around and it’s delightful. So thank you not only for the sussy gift but also for a new candle store!

  8. There was an article about the chocolate room in our newspaper. My daughter wants to win the grand prize!Now that would be a heck of a sussy.

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