Money, Meningitis, Ice

Money – I saw my PCP last week and had many tests run as part of her regular lab work for me. No problem, I like the fact that she tests regularly and keeps me informed of how I’m doing. But – meanwhile, the ENT I’ve seen for the Mastoiditis has sent me lab sheets for a “hearing panel” blood work test(s). After reading the lab sheet, it was obvious that several of the tests were repeats of what I’d just done. I called the ENT office and said, “I’ve just done some of these, can I just give you the results?” Answer was, “No, the doctor wants to run these tests.” I said, fine – but I just did this. No, they wanted the whole list done. Today, I made copies of my test reports and faxed them to the ENT’s office. I also called my PCP’s office and asked them to fax the same test results. Then I called the ENT’s office and told them they were wasting my insurance company’s money. After some discussion, we went through the list and eliminated those tests that I’d just done. Now, I realize that insurance companies are not our favorite people at times but – repeating the same labs was simply stupid and extremely costly (to the insurance company, not me – but in the long run, costly to me and everyone else).
This is so, very stupid!

Twenty nine years ago, our first child was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis on this day. He was 18 months old. He’s fine (bright kid, working, responsible, etc…) and we were extremely fortunate to have an excellent pediatrician on that day. I was also lucky to have an excellent neighbor who came over that afternoon and felt he did not have the “bug” going around at the time. I called the doctor’s office, who said, “We can see him tomorrow.” I said, “No, now, I’m on my way over.” It was the worst two weeks of our lives but he and we survived. There’s a vaccine now…

Ice – we woke up this morning to several inches of snow and it was still snowing! Our forecast for tomorrow is ice/sleet. I’m tired of winter now and more than ready for spring and daffodils.

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  1. Colleen,I’m proud of you for being so persistent about not repeating those same tests. You’re right; if the insurance company paid for them again, everyone pays. You did the right thing.Yikes! Meningitis! That’s scary stuff. I’m glad everything worked out okay.Hope your winter weather settles down soon. Your photos are beautiful & I love seeing them. But I know you’re getting tired of all that nasty stuff & ready for spring. I know I am.

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