The Diabetes OC, What A Great Group!

While reading the Washington Post this week, I found the following article about a 50+ year old woman who was diagnosed with Type 1 and her inability to find online support.
My first thought was, oh good grief, we’re everywhere online. Then I remembered, that I didn’t find the OC until I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Amy Tenderich. From Amy’s blog I found Kerri, Allison and all the rest of you. And it was good. (Actually, very – very good!!) My first thought was, this reporter needs to learn that there are many Diabetes resources online, but my little blog is not enough to inspire anyone. I emailed Amy and Kerri with the article link and they have both written a comment at the WP. (And no, I’m not the Colleen who left a comment.)
Feeling lost and alone when you are first diagnosed with Diabetes is the absolute pits. As a person who was dx’d, and for those parents whose child has just been diagnosed, the fear is known by all of us who have gone through the feelings of being lost and alone.
Today, Penny wrote about a mom whose son was recently dx’d and asked us to “share the love.” What an awesome way to support each other! Blog comments may seem like no big deal but, for a “newbie,” it means someone is reading and cares. When I first published my blog, Kerri commented and I was thrilled. We do support each other, we are needed by each other, we are important to each other. And so, I thank each of you for “baring” your souls to all of us on your blogs, it is so very cool. May we continue to offer support to everyone who is looking for help, encouragement, sympathy and… support.

Meanwhile, we’re forecasted to get a whole bunch of snow tomorrow. I am more than ready to move south!

8 thoughts on “The Diabetes OC, What A Great Group!

  1. I totally agree. I love the OC and I know that I would not be the all the Diabetic I was meant to be without you all! šŸ™‚

  2. Ditto ditto ditto!The blogs and forums are what keep me sane, and stop me feeling so alone.Every now and then I have to go into hibernation because I feel like life is revolving totally around diabetes… but for 90% of the time I’m around other diabetics online pretty much every day.I’d be lost without the OC!Group hug! LOL

  3. Hi Colleen.Ideas, support, advice, experiences, and a pile of other things are shared by diabetics everywhere you look on the O.C. It’s a fantastic resource that adds quality (and even quantity) to our lives.If only there was an extra hour or two in the day for more reading and commenting!

  4. I heart Diabetes Bloggers! Without them, I’m pretty sure the subject of my post from yesterday would never have been able to happen. It’s great to see all the different sides and ways that people handle this.

  5. I’m so glad we all have each other. I’ve learned so much & made so many friends through the Diabetes OC. It’s nice to be a part of a group of people who know exactly how you feel sometimes. It’s great!

  6. I’m the “newbie” that received “the love” that day…and it was unreal. I was shocked to see so many comments!!! It does mean a lot to comment and support each other, and to see so many different walks of life and experiences. It’s good…all good!!

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