Snowing… again…

It’s snowing again tonight. I have to say, I’m tired of snow!

I did get over to spend some time with my dad today. He’s discouraged as he says he’s getting stupider. He is, but – not really. He “dozes” in his chair, wakes up and is confused about the time. And so thinks, he’s missed lunch or he’s missed something. Then he’s embarrassed that he’s made a mistake. I told him it was not a big deal but, he feels stupid. He doesn’t have dementia, he’s just a little confused at times. For a retired general, this is not easy. I tell him it’s okay, the nursing home staff is used to it and to stop worrying about it. But he worries. This is a man who commanded battalions, who helped strategize military maneuvers, who had a RED phone in his home to “call out the troops.” I cannot even imagine how frustrated he is at times. BUT, he’s content, he’s healthy and he continues to tell me how grateful he is that I’m there to take care of him. I am so very fortunate!

Cookies – I made ginger snaps for the Super Bowl Party that we attended. The recipe makes a ton and so we had some here at the house. Not good, I have been grabbing a few (or more) and they’re doing a number on my BG numbers. Not surprising as they’re rolled in sugar. That’s the first “real sugar” I’ve had in awhile and it has not been good for THE numbers. Oh well, I ate them, they’re gone, and hopefully the numbers will improve with their disappearance.

I did the lab work ordered by the ENT this past Friday. I didn’t get a cup of coffee until 9 AM due to the fasting and other meds that I take. The total number of tubes was 6. That’s a whole lot of blood! The lab tech said the most she’s ever done is 12 and she had to “poke” again as the vein “dried” up.

The Sussy Exchange was so much fun! I’m still enjoying my sussy gift and it’s fun to see/read what others have received. Beth and Amylia did a wonderful job putting it all together and I hope this will be an annual event.

This weekend’s fun event in our town is The Annual Ice Fishing Derby. I didn’t get photos today but here are a couple from 2005.

3 thoughts on “Snowing… again…

  1. Your dad sounds like a good man. He’s probably not used to not being ‘on’ all the time; his life was full of responsibility, so it might be hard for him to realize he can let go and relax a little. I loved the sussy exchange too. What a great idea!

  2. Colleen,I do believe you’ve had more than your share of snow this year, haven’t you? I cant’ believe you’re getting more!That has to be tough on your dad. For someone who apparently has always been so independent & strong – to have to depend on other people has to be difficult for him. I would love to send him a card. But then he would know about your diabetes & he has enough on his mind. I’ll just keep him in my prayers. He’s so blessed to have you.Wow! I can’t believe they took that much blood from you. Did you feel lightheaded afterward? No food, no coffee, and no blood – that had to be rough!Stay warm!

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