Labs and, …more, you want more?!

Good news first – The ENT’s office called today and all the lab reports are normal. I requested a copy of the report when I had the tests done, and asked for a copy to be sent to my PCP; so hopefully I’ll see the actual “numbers” soon. The tests perplexed me and I looked for some explanations on the web. I found a great site that tells you what each test is for and how it’s done. It is called Lab Tests Online.

And Surprise! Those of us in NH are getting ready for more snow.
Central NH: Snow will be heavy at times overnight and through the morning commute. By mid morning the snow will mix with sleet and freezing rain and eventually rain in the afternoon before ending late in the day. Before changing to a wintry mix and rain, 6-9″ of snow and ice accumulation is likely.

Driving through town today, town workers were busy loading snow into dump trucks to make room for the next storm. The top of our driveway barely has room for the cars to back out of the garage. There’s probably about 5 feet of plowed up snow sitting on top of my daffodils. Our road is basically one lane. When going up or down the hill, you have to look and see if anyone else is on the road before leaving the driveway or starting up the hill. There are only 3 families on the road, but that’s six drivers and most of us work.
The Annual Ice Fishing Derby ended on Sunday. There’s an article in the Boston Globe about one of the more interesting bobhouses. –Bobhouse

The photo above was taken last Thursday, before 6+ inches fell Sunday.
My daffodils are under all that snow!

8 thoughts on “Labs and, …more, you want more?!

  1. Colleen,Sorry to hear you’re getting all that snow that missed us. Be careful out there!Can’t wait until that snow is gone & your daffodils are blooming again.

  2. Betcha can’t wait to see those daffodils again, can you?! We’re expecting more snow today too, but yesterday temperatures were near 50! Yi yi yi! Thanks for the link to the medical test info. Now I won’t have to surf and dig around to find it myself.

  3. Sounds like good news from the Doc. Stay warm! I want to see some daffodils and sunshine here too. We’ve been doing the freezing rain thing for over 24 hours.

  4. My eaten comment was about ice fishing.Yup, I used to go all the time when I was growing up. Everyone did. My hometown was at the edge of a lake, and there were tons of fishhouses – certainly nothing as elaborate as described in the article (and yes, we called them “fishhouses”)Mainly they were just plywood squares with the owner’s name stenciled on the outside. My dad’s had a little stove in it and he’d sit and fish all day Sat and Sun. My granny and I would take lunch to him and we got to sit with a little pole and look through the hole in the ice, hoping to catch something.Then we’d stop at other houses to say hi and g. would pass out a few cookies.I had totally forgotten about that. My g’s been gone 30 years and my dad 20 and this brought back some wonderful memories.When the movie “Grumpy Old Men” came out, one of our company liasons in New York said, “people don’t really do that, do they – I mean, you can buy fish in the store, right?”……..

  5. Oh Kathy,I knew nothing about ice fishing, bobhouses, etc… until I moved here! Your memories of your grandfather have to be so nice! Be sure to click on the Bobhouse link – your grandfather would love it!

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