Not so normal

My PCP called this morning and it turns out the lab results are not all normal. I now have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Normal is apparently 199- 732, mine is at the bottom (very bottom) of normal. Unlike my Vitamin D deficiency, this is not solved with a pill. I will have weekly injections for a month, then probably monthly injections for quite some time. In doing some research on the web there are many causes for Vitamin B12 deficiency and it takes years to show up. Basically, my body (which I’m getting very frustrated with these days) is not absorbing the B12 from the foods that I’m eating. Some of the causes that I found include being elderly (I don’t think I’m there, yet…), being a vegetarian (not me), being an alcoholic (nope) and a small percentage of people who take Metformin have been found to have low B12 levels (bingo!).

Meanwhile, shoveling snow is good for my BG! And we had a ****load of snow today. Followed by sleet, freezing rain and rain. We got most of it before there was too much rain to weigh it down. The photo below was taken just after our plow guy did the driveway. M raked snow from the roof (3 buildings in NH collapsed today due to snow) and I got about half of the deck done. Second photo is the half of the deck I didn’t get to.

As I was writing this, the power went. Eeeek! Called the power company, got a fire started in the wood stove and hit all the circuit breakers on TV’s and computers. The crews were on our road within 30 minutes and the power was back on 45 minutes later. Yeah for New Hampshire Electric Coop! Since we have a well, the huge problem with no electricity is – one does not flush. When/if the power goes, it means the pump for the well is not operating and so, we try not to use water. It’s really, really hard to remember to NOT flush.

Am I having fun yet? No!!

3 thoughts on “Not so normal

  1. Wow! That’s a LOT of snow! You have a wood stove, too? So do we. I love it. But it has to be really, really, really cold for us to use it or it melts the whole house. In other words, it works very well. I am so glad we have it.

  2. Hi Colleen,Thanks for your message on my blog. I love your pictures of the snow, although I can imagine you might like to see less and less of them yourself. It seems to be a very snowy winter for certain parts of the country this year.Best wishes figuring out your B12 concerns. I’m glad you figured out that this was a problem, so you could address it.-Anne

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