Ice & Eyes

Lots of ice is falling from the sky this morning. It’s pelting the windows loudly. The wind is blowing, blowing. Schools were delayed and as of a few minutes ago, are closed. Poor kids may be in the classroom until the 4th of July.

Snowfall records for the state (which have been kept since the 1800’s!) are amazing.

Currently we are at 109.7″ of snowfall in Concord. That has us in 2nd place for highest snowfall in a winter season since 1900 and only the third time we’ve reached 100″ since 1900!
ALL TIME records: We are now in 6th place for Concord.

1) 1873-74 122.0″
2) 1872-73 115.0″
3) 1995-96 113.2″
4) 1886-87 111.0″
5) 1887-88 111.0″
6) 2007-08 109.7″
7) 1898-99 103.2″
8) 1874-75 103.0″

We’re north of Concord and probably have had more snow, but who’s counting!

Yesterday I saw the eye doctor – all is good and I even have 20/20 vision. Even more amazing, I was heading home within an hour of my appointment time! Surrounded by snow (on the ground) with dilated eyes was a new driving experience, but I had my sunglasses.

This weekend it will be three years since my doctor decided I was officially a person with diabetes. It was the same week that my dad was hospitalized with Osteomyelitis. Her diagnosis was Type 2. Then I saw the endo who decided I was Type 1, LADA. For now the treatment is Type 2 and it seems to be working. It’s been a long three years.

Also yesterday, dad’s doctor activated his DPOA – durable power of attorney – due to dad’s continuing confusion since being in the hospital in February. It’s a terrifying responsiblity. We have agreed that he will not be hospitalized if he gets pneumonia again. Dad made that same decision last year but then went to the hospital last month after a nurse at the nursing home convinced him he’d feel better if he went (he told me he wouldn’t have gone if he thought he’d have to stay…). When I spoke with the nursing home administration, they said dad was still in charge and could override my decision unless his doctor said otherwise. I had not spoken to his doctor yet but she called last night after seeing dad. Thankfully, as a family we’ve discussed all of this and are in agreement. A year ago, it was dad who made the original decision, so I feel comfortable that we are doing what he wants. It’s still terrifying.

6 thoughts on “Ice & Eyes

  1. Hi Colleen.When we lived in New England, it always seemed to snow heavily right before my eye doctor appointment each year, and I remember doing an awful lot of squinting to protect my dilated eyes in the “white-out” on the way home from his office.I’m happy that your doctor seems to be prompt and punctual, and even more so for your 20/20 results.And as always, I continue to keep you and your Dad in my prayers.

  2. Oh man, Colleen. It’s like going into an ever-narrowing tunnel, isn’t it? It is taking me a lot of effort to get used to my M not living in her house. It’s like having to redefine yourself because the roles have shifted.And I don’t like it one little bit.Of course, I am comforted in knowing that she is now being taken care of, but, also, the reality that her life is drawing to a close, at whatever speed, is something I don’t want to face.Take care, and good wishes to Dad.

  3. That is a lot of snow! We had school today. It was just rain for us…but VERY windy.I’m sorry you have to deal with these life and death decisions for your dad. It is indeed terrifying to say the least.

  4. Colleen – I’m glad your eye appointment went well. It always seems to be a extra-sunny day when I have my eyes dilated. Makes for an interesting drive home. Sorry things are so difficult for you with your dad’s situation. I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

  5. You’re way ahead of us in terms of snow, but that’s okay. Don’t feel bad or anything. You can have it!As for your dad, that’s an awful responsibility, but having just gone through classes on this subject at the U, hope you’ll look at it from his perspective. Also think how you’d feel about yourself if the situation were reversed.

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