Three years on March 9th

It was three years ago tomorrow that my doctor (ARNP) said, “You have diabetes, probably Type 2.” She’d been running tests for awhile, discussing my diet and exercise for a year or so before. I was losing weight without trying but other than that, really had no symptoms. But, I had the flu, big time, in January that year, and it was the sickest I’d been in years. Meanwhile as some of you know, my dad was ill and the stress was unreal.

This was not the first time in my life that the “D” word had been mentioned. Our first child (he’s 30 now) weighed over 10 pounds. During my second pregnancy, diabetes tests were run but the results were negative. The second one was over 9 pounds. I weighed less after having each one, than I weighed before I got pregnant. (I thought it was great!)

My very supportive husband and I attended the classes at our local endocrinology center. I went to the grocery store and came home upset (the labels were confusing). Tried to eat the low carb stuff and cried. I was afraid to eat anything.

The endo said I probably wasn’t Type 2 but a Type 1 LADA. More searching on the internet. We read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Amy Tenderich and found DiabetesMine. Thank God for the diabetes bloggers. Most of you are younger than me. Most of you have had diabetes for a much longer time than me. Your positive attitudes, your welcoming gestures have been awesome!

My blog was originally a way of updating relatives and friends about my dad after his illness, (that’s why it’s “nhstuff”) but I never did that. Instead, it’s now a way to communicate with new friends. Other than my husband and a college friend with MS (shared because of Vivian), I have not shared my blog with relatives or friends.

Three years of diabetes is a short time compared to the rest of you. Thank you for being a friend to me these past couple of years. When I begin insulin, which the endo says will happen, I know that I’ll find help, advice and most importantly SUPPORT. I’m grateful.

Meanwhile – our snow/ice forecast turned into rain. Yay! Our road will probably be treacherous tomorrow morning but I’ll deal with it (slide down it) and be glad that we’re not snowed in! If you live in a snowy place you might enjoy this:

7 thoughts on “Three years on March 9th

  1. Colleen, I still don’t feel like a db anniversary is for “celebrating” yet it certainly deserves recognition for the hard work and determination that keep us all going.I do not share my blog with family or friends, and am not sure why. I have mentioned that I have one, but nobody has asked to see it – maybe they don’t want to know the details of my db life………..

  2. Colleen – First of all, happy D anniversary! Second – Thanks for sharing that Diary of a Snow Shoveler. It was hilarious! I laughed & laughed. Then I read it to my husband & he laughed & laughed, too. It was so funny & oh, so true, huh?

  3. Hi Kathy – your first comment was when I posted a photo of Lady’s Slippers.<>That is the Minnesota State Flower! It is from the orchid family. In traditional herbal medicine, the root is said to be a very strong medicine for calming the nerves.<>At some point I’ll be in MN as my sister lives in St. Paul. When I go – I’ll let you know so we can meet!Thanks for being a friend, it’s appreciated.And yeah, I’m not celebrating – but, it has been a long three years.

  4. Donna,I found that shortly after we moved here – we were somewhat the same, although we had bought a wood stove.It still makes me laugh!This week – we paid(!)someone to do our roof this past week – I am more than ready for daffodils!Thanks for being a friend – you are a special person.

  5. colleen,i understand what you mean, about it not being the first time the word “diabetes” was kicked around. my almost 18 year old was 9lbs 15oz. i got tested twice for gestational diabetes, and distinctly had kidney damage from that 18 years later, i’m in stage 3 CKD, and have diabetes. DANG BIG BABIES! but i wouldn’t trade that for the world!

  6. I’m glad you found us, Colleen!!And I’m especially glad because if it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t have posted that link on Amylia’s blog…Diary of a Snow Shoveler, and I wouldn’t have LMAO!That site is hilarious. “Why am I tied to the bed?” LMAO.

  7. Our one year is coming up in May. These anniversaries are milestones, to be sure. Certainly a moment to look around and be happy that we’re here.

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