Ok – so, 6.9 isn’t fantastic but – I’ll take it and just for fun, do a little dance about it.

Saw the endo today – did an A1C test last week. This morning I called my PCP’s office to have her nurse look up the result for me before I went to the appointment. I was at work and holding my breath as she said – gee, this is great, it’s 6.9.

At dx three years ago, it was 6.8. After modifying our diet and actually going to a gym, it went down some – just a little. Since then, it’s been creeping up, up. Highest was last October at 8.3. I started new meds in December. January it was 7.3. This month, 6.9.

I danced around the office – went to lunch, had a really delicious piece of strawberry shortcake (it’s been a long time…) and then off to the endo. Bounced over the frost heaves (a fun, spring thing in NH), parked the car at the office and then realized I’d left my carefully prepared log sheets sitting here at the house. I worked so hard on those Sunday afternoon. I haven’t seen the endo that often and wanted him to see what a responsible PWD I was. Oh well, he asked me to fax them over tomorrow and said the A1C shows the meds are working for now so to just continue. He also reminded me that insulin is in my future. I told him I have no problem with that. And you know, I don’t. You (blogging friends, commenters) have taught me that I can do this and that you will help. Shannon doesn’t live too far from me and I figure when it’s time, I’ll just drive down if I need help! (I haven’t asked her if that would be ok, yet…)

The Type 1 LADA honeymoon continues.

More fun this evening – we have no water, well, very little. The well might be our problem. It’s 7 PM and our plumber just showed up – what a guy! I hugged him, he thinks I’m nuts. He’s officially retired but still helps us out.

7:30 – it’s the pump – some sort of electric contact problem. He fixed it. We have water.

5 thoughts on “6.9

  1. Colleen – Congratulations on the 6.9! I’m glad it’s come down. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it.Oh, and I’m glad that got your water fixed. We’ve had issues with our water pump from time to time. It can be a pain. But it’s so nice to have water again, huh?

  2. Colleen — I’m glad your A1c and H2O are A-OK. Congrats on the 6.9. Looks like the trend is heading in the right direction. Nice work.

  3. Nice job!6.9 is something to be proud of.Hope that you can continue to “ride the honeymoon” as long as you can!Whew, no water. Been there. It makes for a long day. Glad that’s back on too!

  4. Congratulations on the good numbers, and glad you have water. Like Molly said, “been there.” Also wanted you to know my six word memoir will be posted on Wintersong tomorrow. (It’s pretty bad, but I did it!)

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