Spring – maybe – finally???

Friday (April 4th) morning – about 9 AM!

When I came home for lunch today (Monday the 7th),
look what I found!

Ten years ago we moved to NH and I did my usual fall thing of putting daffodil bulbs all over the yard. Then we had our first New England winter and I wasn’t sure that spring would ever arrive. Looking out each day at the piles and piles of snow I didn’t think the daffodils would show up. They did, much – much later than I was used to in Kansas and Virginia… but they popped up and life was good.

This year, we have had the second snowiest winter on record in over 100 years. I figured the poor daffodils might bloom around the 4th of July!

Today though – they’re here! Granted, it’s still going to be awhile, but they’re here!


7 thoughts on “Spring – maybe – finally???

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  2. Yay! Now you know that the good weather is right around the corner. Somehow the earth knows just ahead of us!!

  3. Being from the midwest, I know how much seeing the daffodils fills me with hope that spring might actually arrive!

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