My third pump, sort of… D 1 Awareness!

In honor of Diabetes Type 1 Awareness Day, I’m writing about seeing my third pump. Huh?!

I’m still pretty new at this and as a Type 1 LADA, I’m not on Insulin – yet. But I’ve certainly learned so very, very much by reading and participating in the many blogs that are available. It’s amazing. When I do start Insulin, which is probably going to be this year, there are many blogging friends out there whom I KNOW will help and advise me.

Back to the third pump…
I saw my first pump several years ago. A very good childhood friend of my husband had one of the first insulin pumps and was just tickled with it. It was fun to see and hear her enthusiasm about the new technology.
A second pump belonged to one of the diabetes educators that I met with shortly after being diagnosed with diabetes (3 years ago). She was great and we learned so much with her.
The third pump was spotted last night. We went out to dinner with friends and I was (again) explaining the difference between Type 1 & Type 2. While talking, a waiter came up and asked why we were discussing diabetes – and then proudly showed us his Animas Pump with a skin photo of his dog. He is 26, diagnosed at age 4. None of our friends had seen a pump and so I kept asking him questions. I was impressed that the young man was willing to share his story and “show off” his pump. Our friends really had no clue – but were interested and asked me more questions after the waiter left. My point is, I was able to answer the questions, thanks to all of you!

I was dx’d Type 2 three years ago. Endo then changed that to say I’m Type 1, LADA. Who knows for right now, but in any case, I seem to have some bit of control over this disease. I can do better – I just need to work a little harder.

I often feel like I’m in Diabetes Limbo. Not here, not there. I do spend a lot of time yelling at the TV and cursing as I read the newspaper. Type 1 and Type 2 are different, but we have the same goal – a healthy, long life. Type 1’s are usually not in the news but like in Horton Hears A Who, “We are here, we are here!”

10 thoughts on “My third pump, sort of… D 1 Awareness!

  1. Colleen – I’m always excited when I randomly meet someone who has a pump. In an instant, we are friends. We may never see each other again, but for a moment, we are friends. We have a common bond. That waiter was probably excited that someone was interested in his pump. You probably made his day!

  2. An instant kinship seems to occur with diabetics, particularly Type 1 diabetics, when it’s spoken about in public and someone catches on. It’s nice that the waiter was willing to be so open and friendly about it. It puts other people at ease and more willing to open up and learn, IMO.

  3. Colleen — It’s wonderful that you’re able to spread truth and reality about our disease to people who might otherwise rely only on the news media for information (or should I say, misinformation?) It has been my experience that when people (like your friends) become informed properly, they begin to ask even more pertinent questions, opening the door to a better understanding of all facets of diabetes.

  4. I don’t know what’s ahead. What will happen in August if things are still progressing the way they are. C-peptide testing perhaps, I don’t know. I feel very much in limbo. If I follow rigorous exercise, sure, things are great. If I don’t (and still follow diet mostly), then…not so much. I’m starting to question what’s really going on with my body, so I feel for you right now.

  5. Thanks for raising your voice from LADA limbo! That was a wonderful post. Great story about the waiter. Funny how Type 1s seem to have an immediate connection, no matter where they meet. Type 1 moms, too.Belated happy birthday!

  6. I have NEVER met any one else with a pump… I haven’t really met very many people with T1 diabetes… It is amazing how exciting the small things are!! Also, how frustrating to not even know what “type” you are. I just couldn’t imagine. I mean, as if just having diabetes wasn’t confusing enough…

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