Outlet Mall lowers BG

We left snowy NH last week and I’ve been enjoying sunshine and flowers for a few days. Just seeing dandelions as we drove through NY was pretty exciting! (Shortly after we left NH, the temp hit 80 there.) Anyway, we’ve visited friends in different places and are having a grand time. Eating out, eating with friends has not been so grand for the numbers. Best day so far (as far as my meter goes…) was the full day we spent at the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg, VA. The shopping center is pretty big and we did lots and lots of walking (and shopping). Living in the boonies of NH, shopping is usually a chore, along with a long drive. Spending hours in the car for our drive down didn’t do much for me either, but the trip is worth it.
A sunrise at Nags Head, NC.

2 thoughts on “Outlet Mall lowers BG

  1. Hi Colleen – Isn’t it nice to see flowers again? I’m glad spring is finally here. That picture of sunset is just beautiful!

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