10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about me

1. I loved growing up as an Army Brat. In order, here is where I lived from birth to now: Chelsea, MA – West Point, NY – Ft. Sill, OK – Attleboro, MA – Kyoto & Tokyo, Japan – Ft. Leavenworth, KS – Alexandria, VA – Camberley, England – Montgomery, AL – Selfridge AFB, MI – Alexandria, VA – Wilmington, OH – Apple Valley, MN – Ft. Hancock, NJ – Panama Canal Zone. The last four I was in college in Virginia. After college and marriage, we’ve lived in Richmond, VA – Overland Park, KS – and now the mountains of NH.

2. I have a small scar between my eyes from falling into an in-ground garbage can when I was very small.

3. I love our sons dearly but – really, really wanted a girl and before son #2 was born had purchased, just in case, an absolutely gorgeous Polly Flinders dress for the baby. I took it back after he was born.

4. My hypothyroid was discovered at my college physical. I was 18 and had my first “hickie.” So there I sat at Ft. Belvoir with all these medical people checking out my neck. I still laugh when I think about it.

5. My first cavity appeared when I was 4. Dentists are not my favorite people. I’ve gotten better but as a child I had to be sedated for everything when at the dentist’s. I bit one when I was 10.

6. My husband has a unique first name. We don’t have to put our last name on Christmas cards.

7. I worked at Camp Easter Seal near Roanoke, VA one college summer. It was a wonderful experience. I am still in touch with two of “my” campers. One is partially deaf, the other has cerebral palsy. They are both lovely women with busy lives now.

Staff Photo – Camp Easter Seal – 1971

8. I wish I wasn’t such a pack rat. I’m working on throwing stuff away. It’s not easy.

9. I have just about every photo I’ve taken since 4th grade. See #8.

10. I hate that I have diabetes. BUT – I wouldn’t have met so many nice people in the Diabetes OC without it so, I’m grateful for the many new friends.

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4 thoughts on “10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about me

  1. Thanks for doing this, Colleen. I had fun reading your list. If I remember right, my daughter bit the dentist at her first visit when she was about three. That was the only time – I guess she got it out of her system. LOL!I can’t believe you have lived so many different places. How exciting! I’ve lived within 5 miles of where I live now for my entire life. I know – boring….I’m a pack rat, too, and I seem to get worse as I get older. Our house is fully of useless stuff, but I just can’t make myself get rid of it. I don’t know why. Maybe we are just sentimental people – not pack rats. Well, that sounds a little better, huh?Thanks again for doing this. It was fun learning more about you!

  2. Hi Colleen. I lived in Attleboro for about a year in 1963. Maybe we were neighbors?!?!Your #5 is right on. In fact, I’m thinking about heading over to my last dentist this afternoon for a bite. I owe him one. So, you’re a fellow pack rat. Do you still have that Duster? I’m only just now willing to part ways with my rolling stock from the ’70s. It’s a flaw.Dittos on #10!Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Lots of packrats here. I had made a promise not to buy any magazines for three months – Only I had to get the ones that had “decluttering articles” in them and now they have only added to the pile……

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