My Veteran

Today, my husband and I were able to get dad over to “his” house on “his” lake. He had a wonderful time! Dad has spent the last three years in assisted living and now a nursing home. It’s difficult for him and for us. Each year I’ve been able to bring him to his home on Memorial Day. Today’s weather was perfect for sitting on the deck and listening to the birds. Dad spent 30+ years in that home. As a military guy, that’s the longest he’s ever lived in one house. He bought the property in 1964 and had the house built in the early 70’s. He retired after 40 years in the Army and moved into the house (with my mom) in 1974.
Dad is not an “independent walker” any more and there are steps getting into the house and more to get onto the deck. It’s not easy but we did it and had a great time sitting together.
It’s an awesome privilege to be able to give my dad some happiness and joy at this time of his life.
The house is rented for most of the summer (yay, it pays the property taxes). Family members will be there some of the time and we’ll be able to get dad to his house several times during the summer during family stays.

6 thoughts on “My Veteran

  1. Happy Memorial Day to your Dad! I’m glad he was able to enjoy his house for a while again & that you had perfect weather for the occasion. Giving him a gift like this is priceless to him, I’m sure. He’s lucky to have you & you him. 🙂

  2. Hi Colleen. I’m sure that it was quite a challenge getting your Dad all the way to the deck safely. You are a wonderful and dedicated daughter to make it possible for him to enjoy some time at the house on such a great day. God bless you and yours!

  3. It’s so wonderful that you could do that for your dad. Mine is starting to have health problems, but refuses to get medical help (doesn’t believe in doctors). So it’s not an easy relationship. I’m glad you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! The weather was perfect!

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