Lazy, hazy, crazy…

Summer in NH is NOT usually temps in the 90’s and humidity like pea soup. This last week has been simply dreadful. When we moved here, 10 years ago, I thought nothing of the fact that the house was not air conditioned. One summer later, we had air conditioning. We truly almost never use it but it is nice to know it’s there. After some big thunder boomers last night, temps (and humidity) are back to normal and I don’t feel like a sponge.

A few days ago I clicked on a link (on Amy’s page) to get a free One Touch UltraMini Meter. It arrived today and I read the directions (I’m not normally a direction reader but…). Did a test and it was fairly nice – a 90 – whoo hooo! About two hours later I decided to use my old and new meter to test from the same blood sample. How weird is this?? I’ll do some more checking but I find this fascinating, sort of. Any advice is appreciated! (If you can’t see the photo – one says 106, the other is 77.)

On the dad news – it’s not terrible but it’s not good either. I don’t feel it’s fair (or even that interesting) to write the details of his current medical issue but, he needs to have surgery and due to his age (86) and general health, it’s going to be difficult. His doctor and the surgeon have discussed all the pros & cons and have decided that doing a planned surgery is better than “wait & see,” and having my dad end up in the ER with a chance that I wouldn’t be able to reach them for the needed surgery (and then heaven knows who would do the surgery!?). I have known the surgeon for several years and he’s very respected around here. Dad’s doctor truly cares about him, didn’t want to do surgery until she saw the CT scan and ultrasound. I believe they both are trying to do the best possible for him. On Monday I’ll take dad to the hospital and hope/pray/wish for a good outcome. Your comments have meant a lot. Thank you!

To add to my fun – how much more can I ask for?? – next week is Bike Week up here and we’ll have thousands of bikers adding to our small town traffic. Getting to the hospital each day will be frustrating. Oh well…

I am reading everyone’s blogs, just not commenting much due to time.

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  1. Hi Colleen. Has the east coast been flipped end-for-end? I don’t usually associate New Hampshire and scorching heat in the same thought. An afternoon storm blew through here in SW Florida the other day, after which temps slid to a nice, cool 78 degrees. I was on the phone to New England at that time, and got a firsthand report of 95 degree temps and soaking humidity. If only you had a small pile of that snow from last winter, you could settle in for a cool nap!It is often overlooked that meters can vary in their test results even using the same sample. I think that as long as they’re within a certain range of accuracy, they are deemed acceptable for use by blood testers like us. All the best for you and your Dad, and rest assured that our prayer machine never shuts down.

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