86 – nope, not my meter

The meter readings have been good, actually, quite good. Which is surprising as I feel like I’ve been to hell and back recently. Diabetes is my secondary concern right now, my dad is the first. Being a LADA, and not on Insulin makes this somewhat easier, sort of…

The 86 is my dad’s age. He just had surgery, he has breathing issues and so just getting him off the ventilator was an issue. He is now breathing on his own, with some help from oxygen. Life is not so bad, could be better, but I’m happy with what he’s got right now. He spent two nights in ICU and now is back in a special part of our small town hospital called Eldercare. It is truly a remarkable place. There are maybe 10 rooms in this section and you have to be an “elder” to be in there. The nurses are totally wonderful. Most have requested to work in this part of our hospital and their patience with their patients is awesome. Talk about nice people! I am in awe of all nurses but these people are truly remarkable.

My dad still has a lot to accomplish, but with the help and care of the wonderful nurses, I think he’s going to do it.

Meanwhile, the man is “out to lunch,” making no sense at all, but being carefully cared for by the nurses at the hospital. Nothing seems to bother them, they are wonderful.

So to all of the nurses out there – thank you for taking care of our loved ones. You are appreciated!

4 thoughts on “86 – nope, not my meter

  1. I’m so glad that you have wonderful care available for your dad. What a difference that makes to your peace of mind! I know it is a tough time, but (((hugs))) to you and your dad.

  2. Thanks for the update, Colleen. It’s nice to hear that your Dad is under the watchful eyes of such good and caring people.I’m also glad for your own good numbers. Prayers always.

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