71 – Visit a Nursing Home?

Dad’s doctor called at 8 this morning to say she was sending him back to the nursing home with the hope that being “home” will help lessen his confusion. He’s lived there for almost 3 years and I agree that it may help to be back at “home.” My dad is a classic example of “sundowning” when he’s in a hospital.

Went to work early to get stuff done – left during the morning to make sure his room would be ready – back to work (still had work to do) – home for lunch – and then off to the nursing home to meet dad when he returned. (Gas prices? – well, it’s a small town…)

He arrived (via ambulance), I stayed with him for several hours. He’s still loopy but at least knows where he is. Staff members kept popping in to welcome him home.

The nurses at the nursing home have assured me they will keep a close eye on him tonight. They even got him up and into his big blue lounge chair to eat his supper. They had planned to help him with his supper but he informed them he could do it himself.

Meanwhile – I guess sitting in a nursing home room for 4+ hours just does wonders for my BG – it’s 71. You know, if that works it could start a revolution. Just think of all the nursing home residents who would have constant company – diabetic persons who want to lower their blood sugar. Just kidding, sort of.

Thank you for caring – our circle of friends in this blogosphere is truly a blessing.

And – Happy Birthday to Vivian!

5 thoughts on “71 – Visit a Nursing Home?

  1. They can have “Adopt a Diabetic” at the nursing home.It’s good that your dad feels better in the place he knows the best. It’s good comfort to have the familiar surrounding you.

  2. Hi Colleen, hope the more familiar surroundings will help your dad to heal. Sounds like he’s feeling somewhat spunky since he didn’t want help with dinner. LOL on the nursing home diabetes “cure” :). I accompanied my 87 year old father-in-law to a doctor’s appt. for the first time yesterday, and he also just signed up for a “life alert” device. Though we are only at the beginning of it, I pray we can walk this road with the same compassionate, loving spirit that you are.

  3. Hi Colleen, I’m glad your dad is doing well enough to return “home”. I’ll bet he feels better being in familiar surroundings. That’s got to be a comfort.

  4. Hi Colleen,Thank you for your comment. If not for the pain it would have been a “day off.” In 23 years I can count on my hands how many “days off” I have had.Thanks again.My best to you and your dad.(My mom’s mom was T2 for over 30 yrs, ended up in a nursing home, severe dementia, it broke my heart. She passed away still in denial of her T2.)CAL

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