I’m too old for this…

The NYT’s Jane Gross has written Our Parents, Ourselves, A blog for the millions of us, and the millions more to come, who must care for aging parents. As of this evening, there are over 600 comments, some very heart wrenching. I am fortunate as my dad scrimped and saved, and so has the money to afford the care he needs. It’s not easy. I have a close friend whose mom is dying. She considers it a privilege to be with her mom at this time, just wishes her mom’s suffering would end soon. We’re not at that point with dad, yet.

Dad is actually much better. He’s gone from having no clue what he’s doing to an 86 year old who know what he wants and you better be able to provide it. I’m happy he’s doing so much better. It’s been a long month.

Stress usually sends my BG’s into the stratosphere but not this month. I’m not sure what’s going on but the numbers are not all that bad.

Next weekend I will meet Bernard, Allison and other PWD Bloggers. Bernard is organizing a New England meeting and we plan to go.

Meanwhile, summer is here in NH. The tourists are here – the traffic is awful. My daisies are blooming and life is good.

And – to Donna – while driving to work on Thursday morning, the radio was playing Chicago’s Saturday in the Park. I thought about you as I sang along. It was fun!

4 thoughts on “I’m too old for this…

  1. Colleen – I’m glad your Dad is doing better & your BGs are good. I hadn’t heard Saturday in the Park for a while. Thanks for sharing it. I really like that one.

  2. Hi Colleen. I hope Gross’s comments help you, your daisies cheer you, and Chicago gets you feeling stronger every day!

  3. Ahhh, those summer daisies! They do make you forget those awful days last winter, don’t they? Mine have just blossomed too. I almost missed the first phase of the roses; when we got back from vacation the bushes were heavy and full of blooms. (Glad your numbers are doing better. A lot of it is stress, you know!)

  4. Here in India the story is almost the same with some diferences. Most elderly people live with one of their children except those whose children are abroad. The care given in nursing homes may not be high class but are less expensive compared to US. The hospitals are crowded and the nurses so busy that the children usually have to be on the side of their parents all the time to give good care unless a paid helper is employed. Wish your father speedy recovery

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