Four Bloggers In The Park!

Yesterday’s NE Picnic was a lot of fun. Lots of pumps, a couple of CGMS’s. I’m still new at this, not on insulin and so, the “up close and personal” was an eye opener. Listening to the pumpers talk was fascinating. Just meeting these people was wonderful. My husband, saint that he is, came with me. He doesn’t read the blogs, even mine – but enjoyed figuring out who was who.

Bernard chose a great park for our meeting and even sent photo directions. Did I bring those with me, no… So, as we walked into the park, I had no clue where to go. The husband went back to the car to get Bernard’s cell number (which I had brought!) but meanwhile, I noticed several tables and a dad with 3 cute kids. The guy looked like Bernard, I wandered over and he approached and said, “You look a little lost.” I said, “Well, if you’re Bernard, then I’m not too lost.” He said he was Bernard and we introduced ourselves with a big hug. How cool is that?

Allison showed up (on her Blogaversary!), all the way from New Jersey! I think she’s a remarkable young woman and truly enjoyed meeting her.

Noah – who is truly Mr. Personality, and his parents are just delightful.

Cara is trying to put together a gathering for anyone who lives in Tennessee. GO!

There is no reason for any of us to wander through Diabetes by ourselves. The blogs, forums and chat rooms help each of us to not feel alone. Meeting people is a wonderful experience.

The rest of our D-Picnic included people active at TuDiabetes , Diabetes Daily and the Massachusetts Pumper Group.

Again, many thanks to Bernard for instigating our gathering. I’m looking forward to our 2nd Annual New England Picnic!

2 thoughts on “Four Bloggers In The Park!

  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a fantastic day!! I am so jealous!!! I just love my diabetes friends!!Any Cajuns out there who want to have a picnic?? Although, we should probably stick to indoors…it felt like 103 in Baton Rouge today!!

  2. I think it’s great you were able to get together with a support group; sometimes I wish I had a group of RA supporters. It would be helpful to compare stories. Just seeing the faces of others who have to face the same things you do daily must help you feel less alone.

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