A Weekend Away

We went away – for 2 whole days! It doesn’t happen often as I’m the primary “watcher” of my dad. This weekend though, my brother and his family were up from Boston and so, we left.

We met friends in Portland, Maine and stayed at a lovely, delicious B&B. Enjoyed a yummy, yummy dinner in Portland. Walked and walked and window shopped in the port area (I only bought 2 candles and a Christmas gift for my sister). And we bought – a vacuum! Dad’s house is rented for the summer by several vacationing families. The old vacuum has just about had it (it’s 20+ years old) and so we needed to get a new one. As long as we were in the “big city” we decided to hit Sears and get the vacuum. Buying it in Maine meant we paid sales tax but, buying it in NH meant I’d have to use my day off to drive to Manchester. We decided the sales tax was probably cheaper than the gas. I couldn’t find a t-shirt that says, “I went to Maine and bought a vacuum!”

I have a sneaky suspicion that my diet drinks at the restaurant were not diet – bg’s were awful on Sunday and finding bathrooms became an obsession. I haven’t had that happen before.

I see the endo tomorrow so this evening I’ve been transferring my numbers from the meter to the computer and all is now printed. They’re not great. I had an A1C done last week so guess I’ll hear the good or bad news tomorrow. I’m usually nervous but, not so much this time. I think I’m doing pretty good at trying to eat, exercise, etc… I’m sure I can do better but, I like having a life some days. (and a cookie or some pie…)

A sunset last week reminded me of a baby blanket with soft pinks and blues. Somehow, I got a great photo and there’s even a bird sitting on a branch.

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