I Feel Better (sing… I feel pretty!)

Oh my – boy, do I feel better. And yes, I’m singing the tune from West Side Story but with the words changed.
I knew starting Insulin would make a difference. I didn’t know I’d feel this MUCH better. It is just amazing.
Your comments have also made me feel pretty special – not pretty – just special. I wish all people going through health issues could get the kind of support that we find here with the d-bloggers.

Meanwhile, my dad is in another place! His dementia is amazing and sad. Today he told me that the owners of the nursing home where he lives are arguing. One of the owners stole a bag of money and left the premises (w/ the bag of money) on a motorcycle. Another owner came to his room and told him he’d have to get the hell out of there. So, there I sit, trying desperately to assure my dad that he doesn’t have to leave, that all is fine – all while trying so hard to not make him feel like an idiot. It’s extremely difficult. I strongly assured him that he wasn’t going to move anywhere else and promised him that if there were any changes, that I would let him know ahead of time. We discussed a few more delusional thoughts (we’re having a war w/ the British and even more) – jeez the man’s education is doing him in – but then he held my hand and thanked me for being his daughter that he can trust and depend upon. Yeah, I cried when I left but, he is content, he is well cared for and so, I’m ok, I think…

More blood work the end of this week. I HATE fasting blood work! Sure wish the lab was open by 6 AM. Oh well…

7 thoughts on “I Feel Better (sing… I feel pretty!)

  1. It sounds like he’s dreaming out loud. Like the way the brain just takes random thoughts and jumbles them all together while we dream. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. But, I find it fascinating…and sad.You have good instincts in how you treat him when he has those episodes 🙂

  2. Hi Colleen, just wanted to say congrats on starting insulin. I’m so glad it’s helping you feel better physically as you deal with the emotional aspects of caring for your dad. That in and of itself is simply exhausting. You’re doing a great job of taking care of him, and of taking care of you so you can.

  3. Your doing a wonderful job with your dad. I know it’s hard but hang in there girlfriend! The folks of dBlogville are here for you and are sending you positive thoughts!I’m also glad to hear that the insulin is making u feel better! As a drug, it’s a god send!k2

  4. That is amazing. Think of how much longer you could have felt crummy if you had delayed the start. Fortune favors the brave!!I also am sorry about Dad. ….Sigh.

  5. Hi Colleen. It's so great to hear that the insulin is really working out well for you. Continued good health with it!As always, Nancy & I keep you and your Dad in our prayers. Oh, and last Monday I was sitting outside the lab at 6:30am, with about half a dozen other folks who HATE fasting blood work, too. I'm a real bear without my breakfast.

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Sorry to hear about your dad’s episodes. Hang in there; you’re doing a great job with him. He’s so fortunate to have you. 🙂

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