Dumb # 2

Some of you have read about my first attempt at injecting with the Levemir Flexpen and how I injected 2 whole units (instead of 10…) the first night because I was stupid.

I got stupider this week.

We attend a music festival concert for six weeks during the summer and this past Thursday was my first after beginning the injections. I took the Flexpen with me and kept it in my purse. At intermission the h and I went out to the car so I could shoot myself. I turned on the overhead lights, and got my stuff out. The endo had told me I could shoot through clothing and so, that was my plan. (Seemed to make more sense than standing in the parking lot trying to tuck in my shirt after the “shot.”) This would be my first “away” injection. Got everything ready, did the test stuff to make sure everything was working and then stuck the needle in. Well… duh… forgot to dial the damn thing and so, there was nothing to inject. Took it out – did the dial thing and then re-injected.

I feel pretty stupid but at the same time, I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake again, at least (I hope) not in the near future.

Meanwhile – had my first almost low today – a whole 75 – sipped on some juice, still felt funky, so sipped on another juice. BIG mistake – up to 137 in 15 minutes and 175 by the time I drove home. Live and learn –

I continue to be awed by how much better I feel since starting the Insulin. It amazes me. I wish there wasn’t such a “stigma” attached to Insulin. I’m so glad I made the decision to start, what a difference!

7 thoughts on “Dumb # 2

  1. Colleen – I never got used to the pens. It was very exciting when they first came out, but I found them to be bulky and cumbersome.So I just carry a couple of the small 1/3cc syringes and my rapid acting insulin in a 5 x 3 zippered pouch that takes up very little space.At the beginning (and henceforth too) everybody needs to find their own way of doing things. Have a great week ahead.Kathy

  2. Yup, done that too!!! Don’t worry – it’s probably nerves messing with your focus. Before you know it, it will all be second nature. Heck, I used to pull out my pen and shoot up right in public. No one ever noticed – as far as I know. Keep up the good work!

  3. Colleen – We’ve all done stuff like this. So don’t feel bad. Glad the insulin is working out for you. 🙂

  4. colleen – that sounds like more of a little glitch than a mistake. you’ll be able to do the whole thing “in your sleep” before too long.

  5. I have done both the injecting without insulin AND often overtreat those pesky lows!! Certainly not a stupid mistake…sometimes we are just really in the moment!

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