A Week at the Lake

Since my dad moved to a nursing home, we have rented out his home on the lake the past 3 summers. This past week though, we ended up with a cancellation and so, we spent a week there with our sons. My parents retired to this house in 1974 and so our kids have vacationed there for many years.

We had two days of miserable rain but the rest of the week was beautiful.

Lots of rain and many, many mushrooms!

Saw the doctor this week (PCP) and all is going great. Lab reports were good and it was a fun visit. She is delighted that I’m doing so well on the Levemir (ummm, so am I). The BP was up but by the end of the appointment, it was back to normal. (I do that every time I see a doctor. Nerves, I guess.)

Today I visited dad at the nursing home and was able to convince him to go out for a walk. There’s a wonderful paved path around the building with flowers all along and he used to enjoy it. Recently he’s had no interest so I was delighted to get him out. We sat out on the covered patio after our walk. While there, a good friend of his and the man’s wife came out. The husband has Alzheimer’s. I invited them to sit with us and we all ended up having a wonderful conversation. The wife said this was the most alert she’d seen her husband in a long time. Their smiles just made my day! Even my dad was pleased that he’d been part of making his friend feel better. Dad has his own share of loopy moments and they’re hard to deal with these days. Sitting there with his old friends was a nice experience for all of us.
Back to work on Monday!

6 thoughts on “A Week at the Lake

  1. The lake is beautiful – it must have been wonderful to spend a week there. And I’m so glad to hear it’s all good news over there. Hurray on your doctor’s visit. (My nerves always kill my bp at my office visits too!) And I’m glad you had such a wonderful visit with your dad.

  2. What a beautiful picture of the lake. Very inviting!That’s what they call “white coat pressure.” When the doctor takes it, it shoots right up. Second time the reading is more normal.I remember when my father was in a nursing home it was hard to get him to go out of the building. Rarely did I manage to get him to go of doors. I could never understand why that was.Glad you succeeded.

  3. The lake is beautiful, but I like the mushrooms too. Are they edible? (Glad to hear you’re doing so well with the injections. No stigma attached for me!)

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