TGFI – Thank God For Insurance…
A long time ago (our sons are 29 and 31) I remember paying $9 for a “sick visit” to the pediatrician.
Times (and charges) have changed.
My insurance info is available online.
My dad’s insurance info is also available online – and I am totally blown away by his totals. You should know that I feel my dad is entitled to every penny. He spent 30 years in the Army, making – not a whole lot of money.
He’s had many health issues this year including two hospitalizations, the last one including a major surgery. He’s 86 years old.
His medical claims this year total (so far…) – drum roll……………………
That averages to 10,000 a month, unreal!
Between Medicare and his insurance, it’s all been paid – gee, thanks. And,,, the total does not include his medications. Getting old is NOT cheap.
Now, to the daughter (me). Before diabetes, I saw the doctor about once a year, unless I was ill. And I didn’t have many illnesses, honest.
As of today, my first month this year, without some sort of medical or dental appointment, will be in October.
My medical claims for this year are $7,611.14.
Unlike my dad, I do have a copay and so, it has bit into our expenses.
Diabetes costs.
But, I’m fortunate to have insurance and so, I’m not whining. I am though, astounded!

Still in shock – Colleen

4 thoughts on “TGFI

  1. I agree – it’s so expensive to be “sick”, isn’t it. Especially with a chronic disease. I really feel for the people out there who don’t have insurance. I can’t imagine how they do it.

  2. Colleen – I am so thankful for my insurance, too. I know it’s not perfect, but I’m so glad I have it.

  3. I remember those days of $8 doctor visits too. Then the insurance companies came along and saw a chance to make a lot of money. The rest, as they say, is history. So that now we’re thankful for insurance. I know what you mean; I do understand. But healthcare isn’t something that should make a bunch of executives and ceos rich!

  4. Colleen – of course your dad deserves every penny of it!My biggest fear is losing my job and not having insurance. Good gravy, my co-payments for drugs alone are $120 per month. Fortunately I have no copay for test strips.I know that in ’07, when my M had 9 hospitalizations (of which 3 were in ICU and 2 were in CCU) her total bills exceeded 100,000. Thank goodness she only had 2 times in the hospital this year, and those were pretty short.

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