November Days

Seems like we are celebrating several special days this month. We just finished D-Blog Day and that was great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts and comments. This week is our biggie, WDD. We don’t have tall buildings here in our small town, so there will be no towers of blue here. I thought about putting a blue light bulb in our porch light for the evening, but we only have two neighbors up here on our hill, and so it wouldn’t make much of an impact.

Today though, is Veterans Day. My brother and I plan to go spend some time with dad this afternoon. We don’t usually visit together as we like to spread out our visits so dad has someone stopping by almost every day. But I decided that it’s important to let dad know that we recognize and appreciate the sacrifices he made during his 30 years in the Army. That’s dad in the photo, about 52 years ago at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

This morning I saw my PCP – A1C is down (yay!) but – BP is up (uh-oh). So I’ll work on the BP and hopefully get back to some normal numbers, soon.

5 thoughts on “November Days

  1. Colleen — Special thanks to your Dad and to all the wonderful and dedicated veterans whose service and sacrifices mean so much to the country.

  2. God bless your dad for his service to our country. I hope you & your brother had a nice visit with him today.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The older I get, the more I appreciate what my parents did for me. It’s interesting to realize that lots of our parents were joined together to preserve the country for our generation.

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