WDD – A Long Ride

WDD was spent in the car, traveling to Toronto, for almost 10 hours. We surprised my husband’s uncle for his 80th birthday. We had a great time, I ate too many “chips” (and boy, are they good – not your typical french fries). I bought a huge box of Smarties and a package of Caramilks (Carmellos). I’ve eaten one of the Caramilks and haven’t touched the Smarties, yet… When I was around 12 years old, we lived in England for a few years and since then I’ve had an addiction to Kit Kats and other candy from England. I haven’t indulged (much) since my diagnosis. For someone who NEVER looked at calories or carbs, it’s still a challenge.

Being late to the WDD Posts was time consuming. Wow! So many great posts! One of my favorites is Joseph’s video on his mom’s blog, A Shot in the Dark. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the click.

It’s 19 degrees this evening up here in NH. Brrrr…!

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3 Responses to WDD – A Long Ride

  1. Kay Dennison says:

    Great post!!! I’m delighted you had a great day!

  2. I think you beat us by a couple of degrees! At least we have no snow yet. Snow and ice make the cold temps seem soooooo much worse.Happy Thanksgiving Colleen!

  3. AmyT says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow LADA.

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