the tree story(ies)

Many years ago, we bought our first artificial tree for Christmas. I didn’t want one but, my husband had a new job in a new state and so, we bought the tree as it would be easier, since we were living in two places. Bought it a local hardware store (Hechingers, are they still around?) and the kids and I put it up without dad. It was an experience as each branch had to be inserted into the trunk, following a color code. Thankfully, I had a bright son who copied the code onto a piece of paper (that we still have!)(umm, we still have the tree, too). We enjoyed the tree for many years.

Five years ago I went to BJ’s with a friend and fell in love with a HUGE tree, and bought it. We have a cathedral ceiling and I knew it would look just wonderful. It did/does but jeez, it’s a whole lot of work. Just putting the lights on (because I was stubborn and didn’t buy the pre-lit one) takes forever.
Last year, I decided I just couldn’t cope and so we bought a small PRE-LIT tree. It’s nice, it’s a Christmas tree but – I don’t like it. (Please don’t tell my husband.)
So, this year we again put together the HUGE tree. It really is ridiculous. It took hours/2 days. We have to use the big stepladder just to reach the top. My hands are scratched from reaching in with the lights (I had a doctor’s appt. today, she checked the date of my last tetanus shot after looking at my hands). We had to buy several new boxes of lights as some of the old ones felt sorta hot after I tested them. Thankfully, I don’t have to buy any ornaments, we have more than enough.
But, the tree is up, the lights are on and now it’s time to put on the ornaments.

Meanwhile, saw the endo earlier this month and the PCP today. My BP was up last month and with the help of modern drugs is now back to normal. The Levemir is working great but I’ve stopped taking Actos and now find I am using more Levemir. I’ve gone to a split dose and… so far, so good. I’m probably going to stop seeing the endo as he really is less (far less) communicative than my PCP. It’s disappointing. I’ve read other’s reports of their great endos, and he’s just not that into it I guess. Last week in his office my BP was still high – his comment, “Well your doctor will handle your BP, I’ll deal with your diabetes.” When/if I decide I need an endo I’ll need to travel an hour either north or south, but for now, my PCP is very informed and knowledgeable about diabetes so I’ll trust and stay with her.

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  1. Two years ago, one of our cats suddenly decided to eat artificial tree needles. now, no tree at all. 😦Sounds like you are at peace with the decisions regarding your medical care.

  2. I like a big, giant tree, too. My husband? He’s happy with the little, tiny artificial one that sits on the table. One of the reasons I bought my house (seriously!) was because it has a two-story open foyer and I knew I’d be able to get a 12-foot tree. I’m compromising this year and getting a six-footer, but a real one. I kind of feel the same way about my endo. The only reason I keep him around is because he’ll answer questions via e-mail without me having to make an appointment. Where are all the great endos hiding?

  3. We made the switch to artificial the second Christmas after we left Tennessee to live in Las Vegas. In spite of the watering trough the needles were falling off after two or three days in that dry climate. I don’t miss vacuuming up brown pine needles one little bit.Glad you seem to have things in control in all ways.

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