And it’s only Monday?

I really can’t whine (well, to be honest I’m very good at it, but I’m not going to whine today, at least not much). We got over a foot of snow yesterday – we’d already gotten several inches of snow on Friday and Saturday. There’s a whole lot of snow here! It’s pretty cold too. BUT, there are STILL families with no electricity in NH and MA and so, I have been trying not to whine. Until this morning.

This morning M went out to move some of the drifts around the cars. He who usually can’t smell a thing, smelled something on the first floor (garage, furnace room and guest bedroom – we live upstairs). Our furnace room was covered with water. Took us awhile to figure it out. The kitchen sink drain had backed up and a whole lot of gunk had escaped from the “overflow” pipe, located below the kitchen in the ceiling of the furnace room. We figured it out as the water on the floor had chopped up eggshells (and other putrid stuff). I made a whole bunch of cookies yesterday and used several eggs.

We called our plumber, he arrived, blew out the drain, and all is flowing. I went to work (couldn’t get there this morning until the plow guy came), M had a dentist appt. I came home, mopped up the gunk, and have a fan going to help it dry.

And just to make the day even more fun, our youngest is flying in tonight. He was scheduled to arrive at 6:30. It’s 7 PM as I write this and he’s still sitting at Dulles. The airport is about an hour and a half from us, about the same amount of time it will take him to fly from DC to here. If we’re lucky, he’s now supposed to arrive at 9:15. Hee, hee, he gets to sleep in the guest room right next to the smelly furnace room. I’ve done the fabreeze thing, lit a scented candle and the plumber told me to sprinkle vinegar to get rid of the odor.

Meanwhile, even with a couple of the cookies, the BG is fine. Even with the stress of snow, ice and leaking pipes, the BP is fine.

So, I’m fine, why whine?

Just for fun – one of the ornaments on our tree. It belongs to the youngest and Darth even talks. “The force is with you young Skywalker. You are not a Jedi yet.”

Ho, ho, ho it’s Christmas at our house!

7 thoughts on “And it’s only Monday?

  1. Colleen,Sounds like you have the right to whine a little. Backed up plumbing–ugh! Glad you were able to get a plumber to take care of it quickly. The best part, having stress and cookies, and your blood sugar is fine! Way to go!PS. Dixie probably would love that ornament! She loves the talking ones. 🙂

  2. Oh for pity sake. Lots of mud hitting the fan.We didn’t get above zero all day today and now outside my window I hear all the cars driving by on the hard-packed snow – that crunching sound that makes me wanna wear slippers to bed and pull the covers up over my head.I have everything laid out for my 6 a.m. walk to the bus tomorrow and am thankful that I have lots of nice warm clothes. I too am fine, so, why whine?

  3. I totally laughed at the part about being good at whining! I’d be whining too for sure if I were you. Of course, I’ve been doing enough whining for like five people because I’m not having fine BG’s like you. If it weren’t for that weather you’re having, I might just invite myself over for cookies since yours are clearly better than mine which aren’t helping my BG woes at all, lol.

  4. Isn’t there some Murphy’s law or something? if it can get worse it will? Makes you appreciate when everything more when things settle down as they usually do.

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