See you next year!

Reading some of the year end reviews I’m fascinated by everyone who has accomplished so much in a year. From parents working with their children to help them learn about their own diabetes; to the young adults who have grown up to live fully in spite of diabetes. You are a remarkable group of people out there in the Diabetes OC and I’m so glad to have found such a nice bunch of friends. Thank You!

Christmas was great, sons were home but I think they spent more time in airports than here at home. In spite of many nibbles of cookies and other assorted goodies, the BG numbers weren’t too outrageous.

I don’t do resolutions, but I’ve got a few goals…
The treadmill is pretty dusty and so I need to get back to a routine. Ummm, sound familiar?
Another chore on my list is throwing out stuff. We have more than enough boxes of stuff and it’s time to get ruthless and start sorting and tossing.
But, for this last evening of the year I’m going to listen to music, enjoy the warmth of the wood stove and share a great dinner with my husband.

I wish all of you a wonderful New Year!

5 thoughts on “See you next year!

  1. Happy new year, Colleen! After a terrible 3 or 4 days before Christmas, plus a day afterwards, we had a gorgeous day yesterday! So beautiful we went with the kids, big ones (daughter & hubby) and the grands to the swimming pool on the other side of town. Fabulous way to end 2008. You'll have one of those days real soon, you're bound to! Now we're just waiting for more snow.

  2. Happy New Year!! Your goals are really good ones – in fact, I need to work on those same goals too. Hope you had a wonderful evening with your hubby and I hope this year brings everything you wish for and more.

  3. Colleen~It’s always exciting to get those presents after Christmas 😉 (sorta makes the holiday last a little bit longer) I hope you have a wonderful New Year 🙂

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