Not a tough skinned person

I have determined that I’m not cut out to be a tough skinned diabetic. Why? Sticking my finger hurts. I have always had extremely sensitive skin. If I scratch, it turns bright red and stays that way for while. When I started sticking myself, and reading blogs, it seemed a point of pride as to how long people used their lancet. So I thought, I can do that. And I did, for almost 4 whole years now. But recently I found myself flinching as I got ready to test. I stood in the kitchen the other day and thought, why? I have boxes of those sharp little pointy things. I paid for them (co-paid), so I should use them. I use the Accu-Chek Multiclix, a cool little sticker. It’s on depth #2 which apparently is somewhat unusual, but then, I’ve only been at this almost 4 years. I’m now using a new one more often, I’m not flinching and guess it’s working.

The injections don’t hurt. Everyone told me that and they’re not bad at all, yet…

Each time I test, I think of all of you who have been testing your blood for so many, many years. Each time I test I remind myself of the very young children who are just beginning their lives with diabetes. Each time I test I think of the people throughout the world that are not able to test due to financial difficulties or lack of supplies. So I flinch and stick.

A question. My comments are moderated and for the most part, I’ve received very few odd ones. But today I found this:
Hi Colleen,I’m an academic physician (formerly at Harvard and Stanford) who found your blog while looking for the best health writers. I think your writing is great! I would like to feature you in the Diabetes Type 1 Community on
Wellsphere, a top 10 health website that has well over 2 million visitors monthly. If you would like to learn more, just drop me an email to Dr.Rutledge@deleted

I did go to the website. I have to be honest though, between my own list of favorite blogs that I have listed on Bloglines, dLife, Diabetes Daily and Tu Diabetes, I have more than enough to read. And I’m lucky when I get my own blog updated about once a week. Does anyone know more about this site?

And finally, a dad update. He’s doing okay and very much enjoyed a visit from most of us on Saturday of Christmas week. He told another visitor that his family had been there on Christmas Day to spend some time with him. I’m happy that he’s happy, even if he had the wrong day. Hey, for him, it was Christmas and so all was great! He will celebrate his 87th birthday this month. He’s quite awed that he is the only surviving sibling of seven kids.

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  1. I’m glad you’re doing so well, Colleen! And even more so that your dad is still doing well. I’m delighted that you had a nice Christmas as well.Don’t know that site — I wish I could help!Take care!!!

  2. Hi Colleen,I got the exact same e-mail a couple of days ago. On another blog I read that Wellsphere is considered a ‘splog’ (spam blog) and so I declined his offer to participate. Also didn’t like the idea of them using my blog material for free, basically…Anyway that’s my 2 cents. Glad to hear your dad is doing OK 🙂

  3. Yeah I have gotten a dozen emails from this Dr. Rutledge guy.The site seems legitimate though.As for the fingers, they actually do toughen up. After losing my lancing devices I am finally comfortable with just using the lancet and it seems like for the most part, I can get just the right depth to draw blood.I agree that when all things are considered, the lancing hurts a lot more than the injections.Glad dad is doing okay. My M said she hadn’t gotten “a single Christmas card” when she actually had received many.

  4. Hi there!I’m glad you’re dad is doing alright – and that he enjoyed the Christmas visit. Regarding “tough skin” to this day – 27 years in – it still hurts every time I lance my finger. Ouchy. At least it doesn’t last long. 😦

  5. I got the same email, and the site seems to be okay. I think they are just looking for material. I think I’m going to join, to see what happens. I have a full time job and at this point don’t expect to be paid for my blogging (who would pay for my random thoughts?) Why not?As for the fingers, I don’t have the personal experience, but every time I see Daniel flinching, I ask him when is the last time he changed his lancet and he says, “Oh yeah….” And he flinches less with a new one. But the flinch never goes away entireley. I wish there was a way around that!!!

  6. Hi Colleen,I received a deluge of emails from Dr Geoffrey Rutledge late last year. It was the sheer number of emails that made me ignore them all. They were also all rather overly flattering – involving references to being a “top” blogger (erm… not me) and a health hero – but at the same time so obviously mass produced that the compliments screamed insincerity. I certainly didn’t think the guy had ever read my blog! That said, I think the Wellsphere site is harmless enough, and the mass mailing of bloggers is almost certainly just a way to generate links and content for a fairly new site. I don’t want to be involved, as I don’t have time for the stuff I already try to keep up with and, as I say, I didn’t like the way I was approached. Just my 2pence (or cents!)As for the fingers, they really only get dull if you scar them by overuse of the same ones and blunt lancets! The fingers I never use still hurt to prick… which makes me reuse the same few even more!

  7. Hi Colleen,My fingers used to be real calloused. But after using that MultiClix lancet for a while now, they’re not as tough. And the sticks don’t bother me as much using the MultiClix. It really helped me.Glad your dad enjoyed your visit.

  8. My finger sticks rarely bother me – I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been testing for so long or what. I change my lancet every single morning, and test about 8 – 12 times a day. Glad your dad is doing well. And I’d never heard of that site or seen an e-mail like that. After reading what others have commented, I think I’d just ignore it if I did.

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