Technology is ruling my life

I’m too old for this stuff!
Our second DVR from DirecTV died this weekend. I was not a happy camper. I was sick and wanted to veg out in front of MY tv – well, it wasn’t happening so I took over the living room to watch TV. Called DirecTV, they have wonderful people AFTER you have pushed “1” for this and “2” for that, etc… They determined that I needed a new one and did the order to ship one out. It arrived today. It took both of us to disconnect and then reconnect all the wires – and even nicer, our marriage survived the challenge of working together, hee, hee! Then I had to call them to activate the DVR. It wouldn’t activate. The young lady working with me got a supervisor in on the action and the TV started working. THEN, an hour later, the local channels were not working – so I had to call again (yeah, more of that press “1” for whatever, etc…). It’s all fixed now but I’m going insane.
Meanwhile, the forecast is for lots of snow
And, this morning I almost – note the almost – tried to shove the test strip into my cell phone. Duh…
I cancelled my Endo appointment for next month. I’m seeing my PCP next week, she’s very informed and up to date with Diabetes. Basically, the Endo looks at the log, and then tells me that I seem to know what I’m doing so feel free to adjust as I think is needed. No chatting, no nothing. Last time I saw him my BP was up and he said that I needed to work with my PCP on that, he would just handle the Diabetes. (We did – it’s back down.) So, I think I’ll stick with the PCP and we’ll work together on any issues. I don’t see any reason to pay for an appointment where I tell the doctor what I’m doing with no real response other than, “Well, seems ok to me.”
I did the mammogram – no problems, yeah! – but still have to do the blood work and guess I won’t be getting to the lab tomorrow because of the snow.
Waiting for spring and daffodils and melting snow…

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  1. Hey sis, I agree with you 100%, You are intelligent and informed and will know when it’s time to go back to the endo. Why does everybody have to be so specialized, racing around in their own lane with blinders on?A few years ago I was asking a doc about a medication prescribed by someone else. He said “well, I can’t comment on something ordered by another physician”. Give me a break. We are our own best advocate. Re the flowers – I had received an amaryllis kit for Xmas and forgotten about it. It was hiding in the closet. I opened the box and the poor thing had sprouted these anemic looking little shoots. Pathetic. It seems to be coming back nicely, though.Have a good weekend.

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