Eyes, planes, 4 years

I usually enjoy sunshine, but this morning I saw the eye doctor and so, was grateful that it was cloudy. I could’ve done without the freezing rain and the sleet but, I got there anyway. It’s a new office, thank goodness. The old office was small, cramped and very often people had to stand in the waiting area. I’ve been seeing this doctor for 10 years. Before my diagnosis on a two year basis, now – yearly. Appointments have always taken more than an hour. This morning I was amazed to be walking out 45 minutes after beginning the appointment. The car needed to go to the car doctor, so my husband picked me up at the car place. Good thing. Even with the clouds, our snowy landscape and dilated eyes just aren’t a good match for driving. Add to that our roller coaster roads due to frost heaves and driving is a bouncy, bladder jarring experience. Eyes are good and the eye pics show no bleeding or other problems. Stupidly, while showering this morning, I managed to get soap in one eye. It was still blurry and red at my appointment and I could barely read the eye chart with that eye. Duh…

We haven’t left town much these past four years while dad was in a nursing home. As most of you know, he passed away in January. We went to a wedding in Columbia, SC this past weekend. I was psyched – South Carolina – warm temperatures – sunshine! It didn’t happen. It rained and was cold. We could at least see the ground (haven’t seen the ground here since Christmas) and there were flowers and budding trees. Even with the rain it was pretty. BUT – we were scheduled to leave on Monday morning and the weather forecast was snow. Columbia closed schools, everyone was on alert. Our flight was canceled and we were put on a later flight. Woke up Monday morning to NO snow. Arrived at the airport at 9 AM, our 11 AM flight to DC (where it was snowing) left at 1 PM. Arrived in DC where our 4 PM flight didn’t leave until later. Finally got to NH (where there was a whole lot of snow), plane landed and promptly blew a tire. Actually blew two tires. So there we sat on the runway until they could come get us with a bus. But, our luggage was still on the plane. So we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner then drove back to the airport to pick up our luggage. (We live an hour away from the airport.) We finally got home at 10 PM. I’m happy we could be at the wedding even if the weather was atrocious.

Saw the doctor last week – all tests were good except… A1C was up a little (.3). I figure that dad’s death, funeral, burial, company, eating, etc… got me off track and now it’s time to get back in the groove, as soon as the snow melts.

I am scheduled for a colonscopy in May and have refused to drink the “stuff.” They’ve prescribed the pills. Anybody done that?? (Probably not, most of you are a whole lot younger than me.) This will be my 3rd as they’ve found polyps each time. My last one was five years ago. This will be my first one with diabetes.

Finally, Monday, March 9th it will be four years since my doctor said, “You have diabetes.” I was lucky, it was not an ER visit as she’d been keeping an eye on me for awhile. It still sucks but at least I haven’t had any major issues, yet.

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  1. The trip sounded wonderful – you needed some R & R.Yes, I drank the “stuff”. I don't even think I was offered an option.I guess the main point is that everything is “out” of the colon so they can get a clear view of the walls. Good luck.

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