A Two Holer

Nah, we do have modern plumbing up here in the woods. I just checked my BG and the first stick produced nothing, so did it again and ended up with two great samples at the end of my finger.

Saw my least favorite person today, the dentist. Now that I am older, the old fillings that I suffered through as a kid, teen, young adult – are failing and so we’re into “redos.” I have a mouth full! of fillings. I was never the kid that came home shouting, “Look Ma, no cavities!” (Many of you won’t have a clue about that old commercial.) He’s a good dentist and does a great job of sticking the needle into my mouth – ick. And as much as I hate to admit it, today’s appointment wasn’t that terrible. I’m alive…

I found some of my daffodils this week!!! – they’re about a quarter of an inch high, but they’re there. It makes me smile and I know that it will be spring, eventually, maybe… There’s a chance of some snow tonight…

The cook at our house fixed a delicious corned beef dinner yesterday and tonight we are going to have the leftovers. Yum! Hope everyone enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day!

1 thought on “A Two Holer

  1. I’m not a fan of the dentist. I’ve started having a few of the “redo’s” sigh.We’ve had nothing but rain for the last week. It’s been dark and dreary and I can’t wait for sunnier weather. Dixie is sick of having super muddy paws… šŸ™‚

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