Ahhh, Spring in New Hampshire

The photo below was taken on my way to work, a fifteen minute commute right now. (It takes longer in March due to frost heaves – keep reading.) The maple trees along the road are all stuck with maple sugar buckets. It’s really hard not to think about pancakes and waffles as I drive by. The Christmas before my diagnosis (4 years ago this month), I got a waffle maker, my first! It was fun for three months and then – ummm – I had diabetes. So I put it away for awhile but, now I drag it out every now and then and — indulge. But not often. Did you know it takes 10 gallons of sap to make one quart of syrup?

The “commute” is slowed by the dreaded FROST HEAVES. These show up in the spring and can do a number on your car’s shocks and tires. I also have to remember to hit the “facilities” before leaving work in the afternoon or suffer distress the entire ride home. You HAVE to slow down, there’s no choice. Your car bounces all over the place!
The photo below is not mine –
but it shows a great example of some of our roads.

Photo by Gregory Rec – Portland Press Herald Staff Photographer
Found at:
The Ramblings of Ken Keister

I sent a photo (posted last week) of my daffodils barely poking out of the ground to our sons with the subject line of “yippee.” Our eldest called that evening to say he didn’t even have to look at the photo to know that it was daffodils. I guess I’m far too predictable. Oh well.
So, I’m still waiting for warm weather and being outside and NOT being cold!

5 thoughts on “Ahhh, Spring in New Hampshire

  1. Wow, those are some bumps–!I vividly remember reading the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ book about making syrup from maple sap every year. How cool!I envy you your waffle maker. The closest we ever got were Mom’s (mostly burned) pancakes from the griddle on the occasional Sunday. I’d eat them all again in a second though 😉

  2. I think the shocks went on my car just looking at that picture! I love seeing the sap buckets- it’s so cool.

  3. OMG Those look dreadful. We have “potholes” in our streets, which look like somebody just scooped a big hunk of pavement out.I don’t think we’re gonna have a spring – probably just go from winter to summer in a week or so. I am still wearing my winter coat and we are expecting snow next week.Nothing like those poor souls up in Fargo, though.Enjoy spring Colleen.

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