Today is/was my birthday!

I tried to write something last night, but honestly had nothing to say about diabetes. I don’t have a pump. I don’t have a CGMS. I take pills and shots – woo hoo!

Then, this morning I read Allison’s post and decided, she’s right, I can’t write about diabetes every time I blog. One difference though, Allison lives in the big city and does all sorts of fascinating things. I don’t live in a big city and my life is not fascinating. Been there, done that and to be honest, I like our small town stuff at this time in my life.

It’s spring but… still somewhat chilly with the weather forecasts still mentioning the SNOW word. We were supposed to wake up to some snow this morning but, didn’t happen. Yay! But, the wood stove has definitely been keeping us warm this week

Meanwhile, I was watching the Food Channel one day and caught Guy’s Big Bite with Bloody Mary Flank Steaks, Grilled Romaine and Parmesan Taters. So M did the whole dinner this evening for my birthday dinner. It was delicious!

We are going out for Easter Dinner tomorrow, a first, sort of… Since moving here 10 years ago, we always did holidays with my dad. The last four years, we always spent time with dad at his nursing home on a holiday and worked our own meal around his schedule. With dad gone, we decided to do something different for Easter. We’re going to a brunch thing at a local restaurant. We did that once, years ago when the kids were young and I swore, never again. It was awful. But – hope springs eternal, so we’ll try eating out tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

10 thoughts on “Today is/was my birthday!

  1. Oh for mercy sake, Colleen – who says you have to post exclusively about db? Not me. Because……..we are peope first. People with other stuff going on in our lives, and if there is something to add about db, then go for it.I think it will be fun to go out for an Easter meal. I did it for Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed not having to clean up (of course, there were no leftovers).I am going to my sisters here in town and taking a strawberry/mango salad that’s already all done.Happy Birthday to a dear sweet lady – and may you have many more to come!Your friend, Kathy

  2. Happy Birthday Colleen! Sounds like your having a fun weekend.As I said to Allison, I may have found your blog because of diabetes, but I kep reading because I’m interested in what you have to say – even if it’s not diabetes related!

  3. Oh, the weather…we’re still using our heater too. Can’t wait for true warmth soon!Happy Birthday and hope you have a good time at dinner today. The photos are scrumptious 🙂

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Colleen. Sounds like you had a nice day!Funny, I saw that episode of Guy’s Big Bite. 🙂Hope you had a nice Easter out.

  5. Wow, I’ve gotten so behind on my blog reading. I hope you had an awesome birthday and a nice Easter. Better late than never I suppose, and if you knew me IRL, you’d hardly be surprised since timeliness has evaded me my entire life. That dinner looks so good! I have a feeling I’m going to have to drag Jason out for some red meat soon because now I’m thinking about steak, lol!

  6. Happy Way Belated Birthday Colleen!!

    And thanks for reading.
    There are SO many blogs out there so I get it.
    I read too but sometimes don’t comment or I forget to subscribe, or save as a favorite or or or or.

    Life gets in the way of my diabetes, or is that vice versa?
    Who knows.

    Either way.
    Thanks, nice dinner.
    Hope your birthday was a good one.
    Best to you!

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