Palisades Park

These lyrics have been stuck in my head for several days, every time I test. Just substitute BG for “heart.”
My heart (BG) was flyin’ up like a rocket ship
Down like a roller coaster
Back like a loop-the-loop
And around like a merry-go-round
Umm, I still have this record in a box somewhere.

It’s not been fun. I come home from work, test, and it’s high. Same scenario next day and it’s low. Most mornings recently I’ve been higher in the morning than I would like. After a couple of days, I say to myself, “enough!” and I’m going to call my PCP the next day. On that morning I wake up to 78.

Then I read my long, long list of blogs and it seems like I’m not the only one – and so, that helps.

I’m only on basal insulin (and pills) and I think I’ll discuss this with the PCP at my next appointment.

Legally, medically, whatever!, I’m still listed as a type 2, even though the PCP and the endo think otherwise. As far as supplies go, it hasn’t made a difference, so I guess right now it doesn’t matter. I get as many strips as they order every three months. The hugest hurdle was applying for Long Term Care Insurance 3 years ago. We were able to get the policy and the insurance rep told us it was due to the fact that I was listed as a 2, not a 1. (Avis…we’re number 2, we try harder…) My dad’s last 4 years in a nursing home were an eye opening experience as far as costs – jeez!

Anyway – that’s my gripe for now. If you’re not familiar with the song – and most of you are too young to remember it – here it is.

Oh – and the daffodils have bloomed!!! Yay!!!

7 thoughts on “Palisades Park

  1. It always figures when that trends are looking bad and you’re just ready to call the doc, suddenly, they’re back to OK. (Or sometimes, vice versa…)

  2. So true.

    Wish you the best in finding balance.

    Happens to the best of us, T1, T2, LADA etc etc.
    It’s an annoying ‘betus thing….

    Great song!! Those lyrics made me laugh.

    Flowers are beautiful!!

  3. Oh boy, bring on the Vitalis. I used to watch American Bandstand every Saturday morning……..
    I like all aspects of my life to be steady and consistent. And, guess what – it ain’t a-happenin’ – no where, no way.

    That line about the tunnel of love reminds me of many many years ago when I went to the Minnesota State Fair. They had a ride where you get in a rowboat and are propelled through a tunnel in semi-darkness. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but my date was a very skinny beanpole boy and when we got in the boat, my side was about 6″ further into the water than his. Heck I wasn’t particularly fond of him so didn’t want to move any closer to the center of the seat. It was quite agonizing, but, the darkness rescued my ego.

  4. Maybe the daffodils make a difference. Stress. Watch the stress. (Now how in the world do you do that, you say. And I’d say, “dammed if I know.” But nicer weather that results in daffodils can’t hurt either. Now I’m going to listen to the lyrics so I can laugh.

  5. Beautiful flowers! Thank you for the photo. My numbers are currently enjoying Palisades Park as well. And I love that song–my mom installed a healthy love of all the “oldies” in me. Not that you’re old; I like to think of everyone over the age of 39 (including me!) as experienced.

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