Another Test

Hmmm, so on Thursday I will have my third colonoscopy. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. The colonoscopy itself is nothing – easy, peasy – tomorrow – well… So tomorrow I will slowly starve, then take my pills and drink a whole LOT of water. As most have read or experienced, the “prep” is the worst part. In case you haven’t read it, Dave Barry wrote a great column about his procedure in February, 2008. Why am I on my third already? First one they found a few polyps so had to do the second one three years after. That time I got a break, a whole five years. Normal testing is 10 years. I cannot, just cannot drink the usual stuff, so tomorrow I get to take pills. Hope it works!

On Sunday we’re going to West Point, NY to attend my dad’s 65th class reunion. (Dad died this past January) Why, you ask? I’ve been doing a website for the class for the past five years and I’ll need photos. Class members are for the most part 85+ years old. They enjoy the website but aren’t great about sending me photos. But I get lots of notes about how much they enjoy the website. So, I’ll go and take photos and enjoy my dad’s friends. Ten years ago I attended the 55th reunion with my dad. He wasn’t going to go as he felt unsure driving that distance by himself. When I offered to go with him, he was worried that I’d be bored. I told him not to worry, I’d bring lots of books and be perfectly happy. I never got to read any of the books, the class members were busy all day for three days and I had a wonderful time keeping up with all of them. Our five hour drive to West Point was wonderful. I’d bought some 40’s tapes for the car and dad just chatted away about the music, about my mom; and I loved hearing his stories.

Five years later, I convinced my entire family (3 siblings, two spouses, five grandchildren) to attend his 60th Reunion. I couldn’t have done anything nicer for my dad. He totally enjoyed showing his grandchildren around West Point and telling them all about his days there. Less than one year later, he became ill and moved to a nursing home.

If you’re 50 or older – and have NOT had a colonoscopy – please talk to your doctor. The prep misery is definitely easier than colon cancer…

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  1. Best wishes, Colleen!!!! My idiot doctors I think are ordered not to give proper care to the poor (as in penniless) people that they ostensibly take care of. I gotta get away from these people!

  2. I had one in November last year. I was in the hospital already with a stomach infection and the nurses gave me the drink and made me go… and it wasn’t so bad. Like you say, the prep is not for sissies. I’m good for another 3 years they said. Tee hee. I just was thinking you’re probably not going to have time to read these comments until late tonight or tomorrow. Hope you’re having fun! : )

  3. To all – so far, so good (7:15 PM)- but you wouldn’t believe my bg numbers… I’m even drinking real sprite and real apple juice. My doctor has you start at noon, with the second round at 4. So I’m done with the pills and I think the worst is over.

    Kay, that’s so not fair. I’m sorry.

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