More, you want more?!

New endo’s office!
New insulin!

I did it. I made an appointment with a new office and I think I’m pleased. I spent an HOUR yesterday with a very pleasant CDE. She listened to me – I asked questions – I brought logs and test results. I have nothing to compare it to, other than my appointments with my (now former) endo, but it was very nice to have someone actually talk with me and not just look at the log sheet and say, “looks ok, keep on doing what you’re doing.”

She became a CDE after one of her daughters was dx’d w/ diabetes. She was a nurse at the time and said she felt like she didn’t know enough. So she went back to school and became an ARNP and CDE.

She ordered a GAD test after asking me why I hadn’t had it (endo said it costs a lot and would make no difference in my treatment…). I told her I wasn’t concerned about WHAT type I was, but would like to know. I told her I was unhappy about the highs, felt miserable when high and really thought I needed something more. She agreed and so I started using Novolog as of last night (along w/ twice a day Levemir). It’s a guessing game right now. I’ve looked at carbs the last 4 years but never had to add and divide – jeez! I’ve been scanning the MDI posts over at Diabetes Daily and learning lots.

Onto the thyroid… The small increase in Synthroid has made a big difference. I’m not near as tired, and better yet, I’m not near as hungry. I’ve been on the same dosage for years but am very glad my PCP caught the change and we’re on to new and better levels – I hope. I test again the end of this month.

If all of you – and the many people who post on the many forums – didn’t take the time to write about your D experiences, I wouldn’t have a clue that life could be better. So thank you all very, very much!

Meanwhile – just for fun – baby acorns that will grow bigger, fall on our roof in the fall and make lots of noise.

5 thoughts on “More, you want more?!

  1. Woo hoo on the CDE appt Colleen!!!
    SO great when you find someone that Listens.

    Yes, the trial and error guessing game. All of our bodies are so different, there is no set regiment to follow. Frustrating sometimes. You will find Your balance soon tho.

    Glad to hear the new thyroid meds are working. Relief!!!

    Love the picture. Keep doing your thing, you are doing So great.

  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to say hi. Got to this blog from Mr. Fancy Pants's blog and just wanted to pop in, but I'll need to re-read most of it because it all sounds so technical! But it looks great, so passing along the blogger karma.

  3. Colleen, have you ever noticed that the “normal” range for tsh levels is pretty big?
    I am always stumped by the fact that on one test I'm way at tne upper end and then 6 months later I'm way at the lower end. I think I need to bring this up.
    Good luck with the new team!

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