I’m still alive

I’m awed that people dealt with diabetes before the internet. I would probably be dead but for all of the info available on blogs and forums.

If you read my earlier post, I have finally transitioned to MDI (didn’t know what that meant 4 years ago…) as of Monday a week ago, at my request. And so far, so good!

I love not jumping into high numbers after I eat. I love feeling better. I love knowing that I am taking better care of ME.

Four years ago, when I saw the Endo, he said, “You’re probably LADA, not a type 2.” But I was dx’d t2 and treated t2. The more I read, the more I thought that I was not a t2. When I asked about the GAD test (Glutamic Acid Decarboxy) or ICA (Islet Cell Antibody), I was told that it wouldn’t make any difference in my treatment, so there was no need to do the tests.

Last week I saw a CDE at a new Endo’s office and the tests were ordered. The GAD is “high,” the ICA was not an issue. The new office now says, “You have Type 1.” I’d done the carb thing, exercise thing, every thing and it wasn’t working. It was extremely discouraging.

The injections are not that bad – doing the math is harder (hee, hee).

So now I’m doing the basal/bolus thing – didn’t know what that meant 4 years ago either!

Today, we had pizza at work. I knew ahead of time and had checked out what to do – did it – and the BG a couple of hours later wasn’t that bad. YAY me! And YAY all of you for posting and writing about how to handle pizza, bagels and other foods.

Still cold and rainy up here in NH. Next week is “Bike Week.” Thousands and thousands of bikers will be here to enjoy the mountains and lakes. It’s noisy but fun.

6 thoughts on “I’m still alive

  1. Woo hoo!!!
    Glad you're still alive. So glad.

    And good for you on the MDI!
    I agree, how I survived over 20 yrs with T1 without the DOC, I Do Not Know.

    “The injections are not that bad – doing the math is harder (hee, hee).”

    TOtally. 20 yrs of it. Glad I loved math. Grateful for the pump. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep on keeping on up there in NH. Not as cold here in CNY, but raining. Much much needed tho. Much needed. Loving it.

    Hope it doesn't rain for the bikes!
    They do a charity event every summer here. Love them. They are such a great group of people. Enjoy!

  2. Sister, you are a real trooper (or trooperette).And, I so pleased that you are already getting good results. You will iron out the kinks as the days go by.
    Gosh, I existed for 15 years on one injection per day and feel amazed that I'm still here. And then transitioned to MDI's before carb counting was recommended – more guesswork.
    Hae a good weekend. We live in the best of times!

  3. Oh I am so proud of you!!! You sound like you are off to such a great start -and it's because you are educating yourself and taking your disease seriously!! I don't understand why the old endo would say it didn't matter if you are T1 or T2. Yes, you might need to be on MDIs no matter which type you are. But what if you decided you wanted to try pumping? Would insurance cover a pump for T2? I don't know – maybe they would . . .

  4. Good for you! I know exactly what it feels like to get those bolus numbers right. I'd do a victory dance if I thought my boss wouldn't think me crazy! I'm still learning, but I think I'm doing all right, and I think you're doing all right, too. It's nice to have another Novolog newbie around…

  5. awesome colleen! i'm so glad you've taken this step towards better care for yourself. a whole new world has opened up to you and i'm glad all of us in the D-OC can help!

    love ya!

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