Rain, rain, go away

It’s bike week up here in NH – and the weather is lousy. I don’t ride a motorcycle, I have no interest in riding a motorcycle. But, our tourist area depends on the tourists and it helps to have lovely, sunny weather. (Or snow in the winter)
After speaking with the new CDE this week, I’ve stopped taking Metformin. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years along with other T2 meds (none now) as that’s how they were treating me. (It’s been a frustrating 4 years.) After requesting the GAD test, and being pronounced as T1, I asked if I should be taking it. I stopped two nights ago and the BG’s have been unreal, very high and very ridiculous. So I guess the Metformin was helping but I’d just as soon not take it. The other strange thing is that I really haven’t felt that high – no lethargy, no napping.
I’m guessing I need to up my I:C numbers so will play with that this weekend. This LADA stuff has been a long learning experience. I have to admit though that when I start to feel sorry for myself I think about those of you who were diagnosed as children and dropped right into “everything diabetes.”
The sun did shine the other day. I didn’t have to wear a sweater, so I wandered through the yard taking pictures.

Pansies in a barrel

Wild strawberries

Lots of wild strawberries

A blossom on one of two tomato plants!


4 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. Rain rain go away from here too!
    Sorry to hear the cycles are not getting the dryness they need.

    Ugh on the high numbers. No fun. It is a process, trial and error, learning experience and I think you are doing SO great!!

    And honestly (from age 6) I'm glad for “it's all I know” because I cannot imagine what you go through, one day things are what they are and the next Everything must change. Again – You are doing Great!!

    Love the pictures!!! The rhododendron is Awesome! Here's to more sunshine.

  2. I can't imagine being an adult having to deal with the D as a new thing…it must be overwhelming! Highs are soooo frustrating, but you are doing everything right and trying to take care of yourself. Hang in there, your BG will right itself eventually.

    Our tomato plants are trying to bud, too. We need more sun everywhere!

  3. As long as your are committed to taking insulin, it would seem that the oral meds could be discontinued. Everything will smooth out.
    There are many times when I'm high that I don't feel it either.
    Lovely weather here this weekend. We are having the annual “Back to the 50's” car how at the state fairgrounds – thousands of vintage cars from classic old corvette's to model T's. You have to e really careful though, because they're puttering along on the freeways and haved caused a lot of accidents.

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