Dope Slap!

In our family we have something called a “dope slap.” It’s a flick of the fingers on the back of the head given when you’ve been, well.. a dope.

I gave myself one today.

Since stopping the metformin last week my BG numbers have been unreal (upper 200’s and even a 300+). I’ve never, ever had numbers like that. I thought it was the lack of metformin and so just kept plugging away with the intention of calling the CDE on Monday.

Then – light bulb moment – I decided at lunch time to start a new Novolog Pen and see if that would make a difference. Umm, yup – that worked!

I’ll get better at this diabetes stuff, maybe??!!

I won a magazine subscription last week! Elizabeth, over at Diabetes Daily, publishes some great recipes each week (in between taking care of her new daughter). She offered a subscription to Cooking Light and I won!

5 thoughts on “Dope Slap!

  1. Is that like being flogged with a wet noodle?
    Colleen, each day you are going to learn something new about the MDI's, and each day will be better.
    Have a good week ahead.

  2. colleen,
    i'm glad you were able to figure out and solve your high numbers problem. D is such trial and error every single day!


  3. Congrats! Great mag.

    One day at a time. You will figure out the MDI that work for you. Trial and error, no doubt. But you are paying attention and that is the first step and key.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. It's all about trial and error–glad you figured it out. I haven't had a bum pen yet, but I've had not-so-great Lantus bottles.

    (P.S. In my house, we say “you deserve a flick for that” and take aim.)

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