This year, as I began the trip into MDI, my multiple and daily injections of insulin, I was awed and amazed by how much I’ve learned these past 4 years through reading blogs. What could have been a scary couple of months, has been fairly calm just knowing everyone else has ‘been there, done that.” Whenever I’m confused I can always find a hint on someone’s blog or discussion. Whenever I’m discouraged I remind myself of those who have gone before us, before the internet, even before the wealth of books.

I have become an advocate for myself with the help of everyone. Switching doctors, requesting appropriate tests.

I have become an advocate for diabetes. I work in a church office and find myself frequently attempting to answer questions about diabetes, or at least giving them the information to find the answers.

I correct misinformation when I hear it. A favorite, our eldest son who works with someone who has diabetes, told us that “he has a very bad case, he has to wear one of those pumps.” The boy now knows better.

Meanwhile, along with the rest of New England we’re coping with the never ending rain. And it’s getting old, very old. Everything is damp!

3 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. Great post!!! I agree 100%. I know I wouldn't be doing as well as I am if I didn't have all of the wonderful sites and my D-OC friends for advice and support.

  2. Way to go, Colleen! I agree on the rain, yesterday was the first warm, sunny day of summer here…had to wait until August (!) to get it. And guess what today's forecast is?! Our poor tomatoes are suffering 😦

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