I Forgot?

There are actually times that I forgot to give myself insulin the past couple of weeks. HOW could that happen? I tested, I counted carbs, I determined the dose – and then forgot to shoot. I didn’t do it often, just enough to give myself a dope slap and swear not to do it again. (Especially since I’m still figuring out “corrections.”)

We’re at “grandpa’s house” on the lake, have been for a couple of weeks. The sons came to visit. My sister was here along with some friends of hers. My humdrum life has been not so humdrum and so, I forgot… two or three times.

When my brain has been working, I’ve actually done okay with the numbers and eating a whole lot of stuff that I don’t normally eat. My “carb book” sits on the counter and I dutifully look up corn on the cob and other fancy (carby) foods that aren’t part of my normal diet.

This is probably our last summer at dad’s house on the lake. We have to sell it and we’ll all be sad. None of us can afford to buy it… I bought some lottery tickets (first time!) for our anniversary (#35) hoping I’d win but, didn’t happen. Below just one photo that shows why we love this house of my parents.

6 thoughts on “I Forgot?

  1. Colleen,

    What a beautiful photo! I can understand why you will be sad to lose it.

    When I was a kid, I used to forgot to inject. I would do all the things leading up to it, then just forget. Luckily, my pump is set to alarm about 1/2 hour after I usually eat meals…so even if I forget, it's a quick fix. šŸ™‚

  2. 24 years and I Still forget from time to time. I just did yesterday, for breakfast. I blame Twitter. šŸ˜‰
    It happens, you are human.

    Definitely have the talk with your Doc about the pump. It's good to discuss All options.

    Beautiful picture. I wish it could have stayed in the family. Maybe you can make a deal with whomever buys it to visit every now and again.

    Thanks for sharing. Oh. And for being human. ((hugs))

  3. As a fellow newbie, I forget, too. I'll be in the middle of eating, with the Novolog pen on the table right next to me and all of sudden, slap my head. Must USE pen, not just look at it, Lora. I guess it just takes a little getting used to, like remember to test all the time.

    Beautiful photo. You always have such pretty nature photos.

  4. Oh yes, I've forgotten. I've also taken insulin and then got involved in something and forgot to eat. I've also been unsure if I took insulin or not (which is another reason I love my pump – it shows when I've taken boluses). It happens – we all think we'd never forget and then we all do.

    I'm so sorry you have to see the beautiful home. šŸ˜¦

  5. Ditto on the pic.

    Yes I have forgotten – you know, life just gets in the way. The phone rings, you've got something on your mind, blah blah blah

    It most often happens to me at work because I usually eat lunch at my desk. I get ready to inject, or am getting my stuff out and somebody needs something done yesterday. So by the time I get back to square one, I wonder if I did, or didn't…………

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