Not a cheap date

I told my husband this evening that I’m no longer a cheap date. Why you ask?

I just checked my recent (3 month) prescription purchase online.

(Yes, the receipt was in the package but it’s always the same so I threw it in my “doctor notebook” and didn’t look at it. – Won’t do that again.)

We do have insurance and are very grateful for it – but I wish they would let me know when there’s a change (they might have, they send a lot of stuff).

One prescription went from preferred to non-preferred. In June I paid $20 for a 3 month supply. This order – $145!

I’ll speak w/ my doctor about generic at my next visit but – if she’s inclined toward the $$$ one then I guess I’ll deal with it.

And – I shouldn’t whine but so much – at least we do have the insurance.

While whining – I explained to M that I really shouldn’t (whine) as my strips are nicely covered and that if we didn’t have the insurance, they can cost $1 each. That stopped him – “A dollar for EACH strip?” I told him yup, and he sighed. He does that frequently but usually only when watching the news.

Tomorrow is appointment #2 with the new CDE. If she’s able to address my concerns – see “Logging,” then I think I’ll be fine staying with this practice. Although, it would be nice to at least meet the Endo… I’ve spent the afternoon updating my drug list, adding and averaging the numbers in Excel (yup, I’ve decided their cute logging sheet just doesn’t cut it) and writing down my questions (I tend to go brainless at a doctor’s office – and lots of other places, too).

My thyroid is back to where it was so that’s been put back to my normal dosage.
My BP is not good so I’m on new drugs.
I didn’t have time (well, the inclination to fast…) to do the cholesterol testing so that will be done later this month.

We had a couple of turkeys wandering through the yard this morning. Haven’t seen the bear again. The unemployed son has a temporary job (Yay!!).

4 thoughts on “Not a cheap date

  1. Oh wild turkeys are the coolest, especially when they fan their tailfeathers.
    I too try to be thankful for the insurance. But the co-payments are very high and then I have to wrangle with that demonic mailorder pharmacy. The worst.
    My thyroid test can back indicating that I need to increase the dose fromn 75 micrograms to 88 and I'm afraid of a higher dose. Who knows what it will do to me?
    I have such terrible white coat syndrome that at my appt by bp was 157/83. Then, when we were done they took it again and it was 105/55.
    Well, sis, good luck with the cde.

  2. No wild turkeys in my yard–I do have other critters, for which I put out D-Con (the joys of urban living). I, too have white-coat syndrome. They always have to check my BP at the beginning and at the end of the appointment. I just switched prescription plans and I'm amazed at the changes from one to another. A very expensive pill that wasn't previously covered is now covered, and my test strips now cost more money. Ugh. Wish everyone would just figure one thing out and stick with it!

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